Protea Prime Access
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Posted On 2024-04-17 07:02:00
Protea Prime Access

Defend the defenseless with the temporal tactician, Protea Prime! Protea Prime commands a vast arsenal of gadgets meant to assist allies and command the battlefield.

Get access to Protea Prime, as well as her signature Velox Prime and Okina Prime Weapons, as well as exclusive Customizations, Resource and Affinity Boosters for a limited time with Protea Prime Access!

 Protea Prime Access

Protea Prime
Behold the child of two fathers. Protea Prime once fulfilled Parvos Granum's vision of a time-wielding guardian. Now she upholds the Tenno ideal of defending the defenseless.

Velox Prime
This sidearm’s circular design evokes Protea Prime’s perception of time.

Okina Prime
Enforce authority with these fine-edged blades.

Exclusive Protea Prime Glyphs

Protea Prime Accessories featuring:

- Rhoptron Prime Syandana
- Temporal Prime Ephemera
- Protea Prime Chronorum Helmet*
- 90-Day Affinity Booster
- 90-Day Resource Booster

*Protea Prime Access exclusive bonus item

Get Protea Prime, Prime Weapons and Accessories instantly with Prime Access, or earn Void Relics in-game to craft Protea Prime, Velox Prime and Okina Prime starting May 1!

 Protea Prime Access