Prime Vault Unsealed For First Time

Frost Prime makes a chilling return in the very first cracking of the Prime Vault!

The Prime Vault is now open! Locked up for nearly a year, Frost Prime returns for a limited time only! Also joining him are the return of other highly desirable Vaulted Prime Accessories and Weapons all packaged together with discounted Platinum just in time for the holidays (or you can take your chances in the Void.)

Buy the Prime Vault - Frost Prime Pack today and get the following items:

· 1050 Platinum

· Frost Prime

· Titan Extractor Prime

· Misa Prime Syandana

· Latron Prime

· Reaper Prime

· Frost Prime Avatars

The Prime Vault - Frost Prime Pack is available on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 today through January 5th.

PlayStation 4 regional dates:

· North America - December 8 to January 5

· Europe and Asia - December 9 to January 6

· Japan - December 10 to January 7

Get it before it goes back in the Vault again!

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