Pot of Platinum Giveaway
Enter for a chance to win treasure at the end of the Solar Rail!
Posted On 2024-03-01 14:00:00
Pot of Platinum Giveaway

Ever come across an elusive four-leaf clover with ease? If so, Lady Luck may be on your side — so put it to the test by entering the Pot of Platinum giveaway!

In celebration of this coming Saint Patrick's Day, we're giving away free Platinum to three lucky Tenno who have no qualms about chasing the end of the rainbow. Embrace your serendipitous side and that Pot of Platinum could be yours!

Pot of Platinum Prizes

  • Prize 1: 1000 Platinum
  • Prize 2: 370 Platinum
  • Prize 3: 170 Platinum

From now until March 18, you can enter our Gleam for a chance to win it all! Check out the full giveaway rules here.

Warframe - Pot of Platinum Giveaway

We'd wish you luck, but clearly you’re already feeling fortunate enough to enter! So, let's just say “shamrock and roll” to all contestants!