PAX East Highlights
New details about TennoCon 2024 and sneak peeks at our next updates
Posted On 2024-03-22 17:40:00
PAX East Highlights

Live from the Main Theatre at PAX East, Devstream 178 offered up some tantalizing new details about Warframe’s most anticipated updates arriving later this year. We also unveiled the ticket tiers for TennoCon 2024 as well as this year’s Digital Pack, available starting March 28. Those in attendance at the Devstream (and everyone watching from home) were also treated to TWO memorable sneak previews: including a teaser image from Jade Shadows as well as a short clip unveiling a new Protoframe from Warframe: 1999.

Read on for more details and enjoy the reveals for yourself, Tenno.

Dante Unbound Releasing March 27

Much of the stream focused on the future, but it bears reminding that our follow-up to Whispers in the Walls is releasing next week! This update will see you aid Drusus in protecting the Leverian alongside his faithful assistant, the 56th Warframe, Dante. Challenge yourself with new game modes like Entrati Disruption and Deep Archimedea, or get reacquainted with some familiar Warframes thanks to Styanax Tonatiuh and a long-awaited rework for the Sand King, Inaros. With new Augments, fresh TennoGen designs and a host of QoL updates included as well, there’s something exciting in store for everyone when Dante unbinds on all platforms March 27.

 PAX East Highlights

TennoCon Ticket Tiers

Tickets for Warframe’s biggest day of the year go on sale starting March 28! If you’re planning to physically attend and catch the reveals in-person, you’ll have three ticket tiers to choose from. Learn more at

 PAX East Highlights

TennoCon Digital Pack

If you’re not attending TennoCon in-person, you’ll still have the chance to enhance your in-game experience from home with the 2024 Digital Pack, featuring exclusive Customizations and more. You’ll also receive access to Baro’s TennoCon Relay where he’ll return with his entire inventory for sale, so make sure to bring your Ducats!

The TennoCon 2024 Digital Pack features:

  • TennoCon 2024 Syandana

  • TennoCon 2024 Glyph

  • TennoCon 2024 Sigil

  • TennoCon 2024 Display

  • TennoCon 2024 Emote

  • Hikou (includes Weapon Slot and Orokin Catalyst installed)

  • Protokol Hira Thrown Weapon Skin

  • Arthur Floof

  • 475 Platinum

  • 1 Regal Aya

  • Baro Relay Ticket

The TennoCon 2024 Digital Pack will be available starting March 28 alongside TennoCon 2024 tickets!

 PAX East Highlights

First Look: Jade Shadows

If you caught this sneak peek then you probably already have some guesses about what — and whom — to expect from our upcoming Jade Shadows update. But what other surprises lay in store for the Origin System? We’ll have more information in the months ahead as we begin counting down to the launch of Jade Shadows, so stay tuned.

Aoi Protoframe Sneak Peek

Perhaps the stream’s most exciting moment came in the form of a short cinematic featuring the wildly popular Excalibur Protoframe first unveiled during TennoLive 2023: Arthur. But he won’t be alone… meet the second Protoframe, Aoi! If you’ll notice, this quick video clip also included a glimpse of the ultra-sleek Atomicycle.

We’ll have much more to share with you regarding Warframe: 1999 at TennoLive 2024!