Operator Report - The Sentinel
File Redacted
Posted On 1999-12-31 12:00:00
Operator Report - The Sentinel


The Tenno has been made aware of Rell, a fellow Tenno who was outcast by his peers.

Rell had voluntarily assumed the duty of keeping the Origin System safe from a Void-based entity referred to as ‘The Man In The Wall’.

With Rell’s death, that responsibility has now transferred to the Tenno.


‘The Man in the Wall’ is identical with the entity known to us as ‘The Indifference’.

Albrecht Entrati is ultimately responsible for attracting its attention to the Origin System.

Albrecht Entrati may be ultimately responsible for its existence.

Parameter confirmed. The Tenno is the Chosen Operator. We await the correct moment to activate the Kalymos Sequence.

Continuing to monitor.