Operator Report - The Drifter
File Redacted
Posted On 1999-12-31 12:00:00
Operator Report - The Drifter


The Zariman vessel, adrift for an unknown time within the Void, now acts as a containment field for unrealized possibilities.

One such possibility is an alternate version of the TENNO. This individual escaped into the Void on their own initiative, rather than being rescued and taken into the Origin System as the Tenno were. Within the Void they established a realm, ‘Duviri’, in which to live.

This individual, the DRIFTER, has now entered the Origin System.


Ballas has established himself as ruler of the Origin System.

Through his ‘Narmer’ cult, all citizens have been forced to wear headpieces that distort perceived reality. Ballas is thus able to dictate exactly what the wearer experiences.

Erra continues to act as Ballas’s enforcer, using composite creatures called ARCHONS as muscle.


With the assistance of Hunhow and the Stalker, the Drifter has fought back against Ballas, destroying the Archons.

The Tenno has been freed from their recursive timeline and now coexists with the Drifter.


Ballas is dead. The Lotus, now free from Ballas’s conditioning, has chosen a preferred primary name and form.

Continuing to monitor.