Operator Report - Ballas
File Redacted
Posted On 1999-12-31 12:00:00
Operator Report - Ballas


Executor Ballas is now known to have colluded with Hunhow during the Old War in an attempt to betray the Tenno to the Sentients.

Executor Ballas is now known to have survived the collapse of the Orokin Empire.

Significant Sentient forces are now known to have amassed, undetected, at the periphery of the Origin System during the span of time since the Old War.

Executor Ballas has now manipulated The Lotus for his own ends, compelling her to resume her Sentient identity, NATAH, in order to use her as proxy commander of the Sentient forces.


Ballas has led the Sentients in a renewed attack on the Origin System. ERRA, the brother of Natah, is acting as joint commander.

The factions of the Origin System have formed an alliance against this common foe.


The Tenno’s personal timeline has been disrupted. Knowing he cannot kill the Tenno, Ballas has opted to imprison them within their own history. The Tenno will be unable to escape this loop without the paradoxical intervention of an outside force.

Continuing to monitor.