Help liberate the Grineer defectors!
Posted On 2016-04-29 21:19:24

A message from Cressa Tal:

“Listen up, Tenno. I don’t care if you support Steel Meridian or not, I need your help.

An entire company of Grineer defectors was just captured by Kela De Thaym.Now they face Rathuum, Trial by combat. Of course, the fight’s rigged, a show of force to Grineer everywhere, meant to scare off future defectors. But there’s a way we can turn this thing back on Kela, an obscure rule.

All you need to do, Tenno, is take their place in the arena and defeat the Grineer champions. You game?”


- Liberate the Grineer defectors from the Rathuum by defeating their Executioners.

- Participating in an Arena will grant Judgement Points. There are three Arenas of escalating difficulty, with the more difficult Arenas awarding greater amounts of Judgement Points.

- Collect enough Judgement Points to grant the Grineer defectors their pardon.

- Once the prisoners are liberated, the Steel Meridian will instruct you on what to do next… though the other Syndicates may provide alternative suggestions.


- This is Grineer Trial by combat. The Rathuum is a dangerous place where two teams face off. The first to 25 kills wins!

- Each challenge features a new Arena game mode with 1-4 players taking on a team of brutal Grineer enemies.

- Challengers will have a Modifier applied to them, announced at the start of the battle. Prisoners of the Rathuum are never granted a fair fight.

- Challengers are not allowed to bring contraband into the Arenas. All gear will be disabled for the duration of the battle.

- Designated locations periodically resupply Tenno with Ammo, Health Orbs and Energy Orbs.

- Kela De Thaym demands a tribute of 100 Judgement Points to pardon the Grineer defectors.


The Steel Meridian will compensate the Tenno as they progress through the Rathuum. Rewards include the Rathuum Badge, Rathuum Sigil and the powerful Furax Wraith. The Rathuum Prisoner Coordinates detailing the location where the Grineer defectors are imprisoned will be awarded to Tenno who complete the Rathuum. The Syndicates will take a great interest in this data.

In addition to the above rewards, there are a number of Mods that Kela De Thaym allocates to her Executioners to give them an edge in combat. Perhaps she can be persuaded to part with them.

- Electromagnetic Shielding
- Execution Shells
- Fomorian Accelerant
- Harkonar Scope
- Hunter's Bonesaw
- Nightwatch Napalm
- Rift Strike
- Vulcan Blitz
- Medi-Ray

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