Operation Mutalist Incursions
Stop the Infestation
Posted On 2014-11-27 02:47:18
Operation Mutalist Incursions

A message from Alad V:

Inhabitants of the Origin System! It is my singular pleasure to announce that today is the first day of a new empire. An empire populated not by Corpus, not by Grineer and certainly not by the Tenno. No, the Mutalist Empire will be populated by you. A glorious new you, baptised by Mutalist flesh. You’ve called this a disease, an infestation? I call it Unity. One army under me. Welcome you to your new species.

– Alad V

- The Infested are taking over areas of the Solar System. You must try to stop them, Tenno!
- You will receive an Inbox message from the Lotus with instructions on how to earn the Bounty for four different Infested enemies – Tar Mutalist MOAs, Swarm Mutalist MOAs, Brood Mothers and Boilers.
- Infested Alerts will begin appearing in the Solar System. Visit the areas of the Solar System that are under attack to take down the Infested and earn the required amount of enemy kills for each of the four Bounties.

- Each Infested you take down will contribute a point to your Bounty totals.
Required totals:
Tar Mutalist MOA: 100
Swarm Mutalist MOA: 100
Brood Mother: 50
Boiler: 50
- Upon completing each Bounty, you will receive a Reward.
- This event is on now and ends on Wednesday, December 3 at 12 PM EST.

Complete all four Bounties to unlock access to a special Survival Mission! How long can you Survive? Make it past 30 minutes and you’ll be rewarded with a New Puncture Mod Set!

Clans can compete on this Survival mission for the leaderboards! The top 3 clans in each tier will receive a Trophy.

The Tethra’s Doom Mods are also available as drops in this event within the Survival Mission

Tenno, the more familiar you become with these enemies, the better you’ll fare against Alad V. Get out and take down the Infested, Tenno!