A message from the Lotus:


Nef Anyo has made a fortune bilking the system’s gullible, but he is more than a simple con man, he’s using his wealth to bankroll a new line of assault robots called the Bursa. You must stop him before the Bursa becomes a threat to us all.

Your mission is to bankrupt Nef Anyo.

Use one of Nef’s own Void Offerings to draw the Bursa out for collection. They will not take an Offering from a Tenno, instead stun them and force the transaction by hacking into their mobile banking systems. Timing is everything, the Bursa must be destroyed during the critical ‘verifying’ stage. Botch the timing and you will lose your Offering. Do this correctly and you will walk away with your Offering and a healthy chunk of Nef Anyo’s credits too.

Bursas have been deployed in Corpus-occupied regions of Pluto, Neptune and Europa, with reports of sporadic appearances in Jupiter, Mars and Venus.

- The Lotus


Before entering a Mission:
- Blueprints for three Void Offerings are available in the Market: Humble Void Offering (1,000 Credits), Faithful Void Offering (10,000 Credits) and Passionate Void Offering (100,000 Credits).
- Craft the desired Offering using the required Resources and Credits.
- Equip the Void Offering in your Gear.
- - When entering any Corpus level with level 15 enemies or higher, each Void Offering increases spawn chance by 50, 75, 90, 100%.

In the Mission:
- Locate the Bursa Moa and find a way to stun it so you can temporarily disable its attack functions.
- While stunned, access the rear panel of the Bursa by hacking its Corpus security function. This will cause it to enter "Account Transfer" status. The Bursa may return to battle mode while in this status, however you must let the Transfer complete before re-engaging the Bursa.
- When the Account Transfer is complete, the Bursa will enter a "Verifying Funds" status. Be careful, the Moa will still be in battle mode.
- Dispatch the Bursa before the Verify Funds stage is complete to get back 100% of your Credits plus Bonus Credits if you are successful.
- Be quick, Tenno! If the Bursa completes the Verifying Funds stage unharmed, it will verify the funds as fake. This will cancel the transfer and your credits will be lost.

- If all four players have a Void Offering equipped, this grants a 100% chance to spawn a single Bursa.
- All players with a Void Offering equipped will have theirs consumed as the hacking sequence completes.
- This operation is on from now until Wednesday, April 29 at 2 p.m. EDT.


Individual Rewards




1 Get a high score of 100 Event Accessories
2 Get a high score of 1,000 4x Event Mods (Impact Damage)
3 Get a high score of 1,500 Quanta Vandal

Clan Rewards




1 3rd place in Clan Tier Bronze event statue
2 2nd place in Clan Tier Silver event statue
3 1st place in Clan Tier Gold event statue

Participation: every clan with a participating member will get a Participation Statue.

Bankrupt Nef Anyo, Tenno!