Dig for valuable Artifacts!
Posted On 2014-08-31 14:10:19

A message from a Mystery Associate:


I do hope you will forgive my concealed identity but dealing in these unsavoury circles demands unusual discretion.

I’m such a big fan of the Tenno, you’ve accomplished so much and with such rudimentary equipment. That’s why I’m concerned about the coming Balor Fomorians. I think we both know your Warframes are simply not sophisticated enough to stop them.

But I can help you... for a price.

You see, I have an appetite for the rare and extraordinary and I’ve recently learned of a fine substance known as Cryotic. If you are willing, I will supply the necessary equipment and coordinates for its extraction. In return, I will enlighten you with what I know about technology that could defeat this Balor threat.

To sweeten the deal I am even willing to award bonuses to those of you who exhibit outstanding performance.

I must say, some of you display the inklings of good taste, if our partnership is a success perhaps we will get to know each other better.

Your New Associate

- You will receive a Scanning Device. Its location will appear on your map.
- Collect Power Cells dropped by enemies and bring them to the Scanner to activate it and keep it powered. You can track your Scanner’s power in the map on your HUD. If it reaches 0%, the process will stall until power is restored.
- Defend the Scanner as it searches for a dig site. Once the Scanner has found a site, it will appear on your map. Proceed to that location to find an Excavator that is digging for artifacts.
- Take caution! Enemy waves will attempt to destroy the Excavator and you must defend it. The Excavator will also continue to lose power. As with the Scanner, you must collect Power Cells to keep it activated.
- Once the Excavator has uncovered the artifact, you may choose to Extract from the operation or wait for another Scanner and repeat the process.

- If the Excavator is destroyed before it recovers an item, the mission is a failure.
- The Operation is on now until Wednesday, September 3 at 12 PM EDT.
- Operation Cryotic Front is the start of a new mission type that will replace all Survival missions that take place on a terrestrial Tileset.
- This Operation introduces Cryotic, a new resource that will only be available in the Excavation game mode.
- At each of the point levels below, you’ll unlock a new Tileset in the Operation. It’s your choice – continue to dig on Earth or take your efforts to these new areas. Note that each new Tileset will hold more difficult enemies but will provide the opportunity to earn points faster.

With each successful dig, you will receive an amount of Cryotic based on your performance (100 max.) The more Cryotic you earn, the better the Reward – so dig on!
More than 500 pts = Event Badge
More than 1000 pts = Ice Mod Set (4 mods)
More than 3000 pts = Latron Wraith and Glaxion skin

The top three Clans per Clan Tier will receive Gold, Silver, and Bronze Trophies. For Clan Leaderboards, a Clan’s score is the sum of active personal bests.