Destroy the hives and stop the spread of Infestation
Posted On 2014-06-18 20:09:59

Tenno, we have a problem.

Alad V has developed a way to direct the spread of the Infestation. Using these newly engineered "hive" organisms, the Infestation is able to corrupt a new ship or colony almost instantly. There are also disturbing reports coming in that the virus has evolved. It is now capable of absorbing and corrupting non-organic beings. Not even the robotic soldiers of the Corpus are safe now. The only way to stop the spread is to destroy these hives.

We have just received word of a massive outbreak near Eris. An entire fleet of Corpus ships has been exposed to this new bioplague. Alad V is almost certainly responsible. If Alad V's hives are allowed to gain a strategic foothold here, the Infested will become unstoppable. They will overrun the system in a matter of days. If we don’t put an end to this now, the Corpus, the Grineer, the Tenno...we could all fall in the wake of this horrible scourge.

-The Lotus

- Visit the threatened ship on Eris to find and destroy three separate hives. These hives greatly accelerate the spread of the Infestation.
- Each hive is protected by several tumor nodes, destroy these to make the hive vulnerable.
- Destroying the hives is likely to have unintended consequences. Be on alert for everything from unstable ship systems to Infested counter-defenses.
- Once you have wiped out all three hives, head to Extraction.

- This Operation is on until Thursday, June 26 at 12 PM EDT. 
- You can attack the three hives in any order. Work individually and attempt to destroy them all at once or work with your fellow Tenno to take them out one at a time.

- Hive effects compound, so tackling each hive will create a unique effect on your mission and the ultimate combination of all three effects during Extraction.
- With every mission you run, the Infested evolve and become more deadly.

Operation: Breeding Grounds will include point structure that allows for rewards based on points earned in ONE mission!
6 Points: Breeding Grounds Badge
17 Points: Four Dual Stat Fire Mods
48 Points: Prova Vandal

The top 3 Clans per Clan Tier will receive Gold, Silver, and Bronze “Breeding Grounds” Trophies. For Clan Leaderboards, a Clan’s score is the sum of the Best Point run for all members.

How do points work?
There are six types of hives that yield different points depending on the difficulty of the Mission and the difficulty of the hive type. Destroying hives has adverse effects and dangerous consequences. Be on alert! Each mission will contain three hives determined by the difficulty of the mission.

Difficulty of the mission is increased in the following way:
All Tenno will begin playing ‘Difficulty 1’ missions with ‘Difficulty 1’ hives! But, this difficulty won’t stay at ‘1’ forever. The Infested can smell the carnage of your missions and will become more and more difficult and aggressive the more Breeding Ground missions you complete. It will take several runs for the stink of the Infested to stick to you. By completing more missions, you will encounter more difficult hives and more difficult enemies! These difficulty increases will allow you to yield higher points in a single run, with endless potential if you want to compete in Clan Leaderboards.

Note, grouping together with other Tenno will have an affect on difficulty depending on the level of combined stench!

Go forth and destroy the hives, Tenno!