Operation: Belly of the Beast
Rally your Clan and battle a new threat from Parvos Granum!
Posted On 2024-06-19 10:05:00
Operation: Belly of the Beast

SPOILERS: This Operation is intended for players who have already completed the “Jade Shadows” Quest, which contains significant spoilers for Warframe! To ensure that all Tenno enjoy the best possible experience, we ask that you allow others to complete the Quest at their own pace, and to please be kind. If you’d like to discuss the Quest after playing (and we certainly expect that you will), please use spoiler tags so everyone can experience it as intended. Thanks, Tenno.

The explosive secrets revealed during Jade Shadows continue to reverberate, with Parvos Granum now attempting to harvest Volatile Motes to perfect his own Jade Eximus army. With the help of Ordis, you'll need to commandeer special Mote Collectors and put an end to Parvos’ plans. Venture to Stalker’s Lair at Brutus on Uranus to preserve Jade’s legacy and battle the Corpus to earn new Rewards (as well as returning ones from previous Operations)!

Ordis will send the necessary details to your Inbox once you complete the Jade Shadows Quest. Operation: Belly of the Beast commences on June 18 at 11:30 a.m. ET and will conclude on July 18 at 11:30 a.m. ET.


Belly of the Beast: Ordis

Operation: Belly of the Beast requires you to step into Stalker’s Lair — only those who have completed the Jade Shadows Quest are permitted to do so.


While Operation: Belly of the Beast is live, players will have access to special nodes that allow them to take on Parvos' forces. During these Missions, all Eximus units that spawn will be Jade Light Eximus units. You can help Ordis in his mission to stop Parvos in one of three ways:

1. Operation Variant of Brutus (Uranus)
2. Operation Alerts
3. Stalker Joins the Fray

Operation Variant of Brutus (Uranus)

In traditional Operation style, the new Brutus node on Uranus has its own Operation variant. Play Ascension as you know it, but with all Eximus units spawning in as Jade Light Eximus.

Summoning a Sister of Parvos will also reward players with additional Volatile Motes.

Operation Alerts

In addition to the Brutus node on Uranus, timed Operation Alerts will appear across the Origin System that also award players with Volatile Motes. These non-Ascension Missions will have their normal Mission gameplay, but will also spawn Jade Light Eximus in place of regular Eximus units. Look for these time-limited Alerts to appear every hour or so as an alternative method to earn Volatile Motes.

Stalker Joins the Fray

Visiting Ordis in the Larunda Relay not only allows you to earn Operation Rewards, but also lets you call on an old foe to assist in your efforts. In speaking to Ordis, selecting the “A Shared Purpose?” option will allow you to join another Squad’s mission as the Stalker! Doing so will reward you with the usual Mission Rewards — at the risk of losing them all should you be downed during combat.


Jade Light Exiums
No Operation is complete without its Rewards, and Ordis has collected quite a few offerings to choose from. Ordis can be found in the Larunda Relay in the Navigation Room, where he will trade Volatile Motes for said Rewards.

Community Progress

Belly of the Beast comes with a Community Progress segment to track the total Volatile Motes collected by all Tenno. As the total number of Motes ticks up, progress is made towards a new variant of the Jade Light Ephemera, unlocking it for purchase from Ordis in the Larunda Relay.

Commit Volatile Motes

Ordis is carrying a vast array of items in exchange for Volatile Motes:

  • Low Guardian Chest Plate

  • Belly of the Beast Sigil

  • Aspirus Ephemera (Once overall Operation progress has reached 33%)

  • Aspirus Emergent Ephemera (Once overall Operation progress has reached 66%)

  • Aspirus Apex Ephemera (Once overall Operation progress has reached 90%)

  • Krios Signa

  • Prominence Wisp Totem

  • Fluctus Rahk Skin

  • Ceti Lacera Blueprint

  • Basmu Blueprint

  • Stance Forma Blueprint

  • The Ballroom Simulacrum

  • Arcane Tempo

  • Arcane Consequence

  • Arcane Momentum

  • Arcane Ice

  • Arcane Nullifier

  • Arcane Warmth

  • Arcane Resistance

  • Arcane Healing

  • Arcane Deflection

  • Arcane Victory

  • Arcane Strike

  • Arcane Awakening

  • Arcane Guardian

  • Arcane Phantasm

  • Arcane Eruption

  • Arcane Agility

  • Arcane Acceleration

  • Arcane Trickery

  • Arcane Velocity

  • Arcane Precision

  • Arcane Pulse

  • Arcane Ultimatum

  • Arcane Aegis

  • Arcane Arachne

  • Arcane Rage

  • Arcane Fury

  • Arcane Avenger

Clan Contributions

Operation: Belly of the Beast Combat

Ordis will also carry additional wares for Tenno who are in a Clan:

  • Enlightened Hate Skin

  • Gilded Clan Sigil

  • Glyphed Clan Sigil

  • Phased Clan Sigil

  • Belly of the Beast Emblem

  • Arcane Energize

  • Arcane Grace

  • Arcane Barrier

All Arcanes purchased from the “Commit Volatile Motes” and “Clan Contributions” stores will be limited to 42 (two fully upgraded Arcanes) per Arcane type, per player.