Posted On 2013-08-09 14:30:20
New Grineer Settlements have been discovered -- your help is needed to unlock them!

After our successful defense of the Corpus from the Fomorian Invasion, we received intel that the Corpus are in possession of information regarding the location of secret Grineer Settlements within the solar system.  Infiltrating these Grineer Settlements is crucial - we must find the Corpus Scouts that hold this information. The Corpus have hidden these Scouts in the Void to escape us -- we must capture them!  

To enter the Void and find these Scouts, you'll need to collect Datamass and Cipher components by completing replayable special Alert Missions. Once you've received these components, you'll need to obtain a Corpus Void key blueprint within the Market. Using these components, visit the Foundry and build a Corpus Void key that will take you to the vessel located in the Void. You must capture the Corpus Scout onboard the vessel and complete the mission.

Once each capture is complete, you and every Tenno in the mission will receive a point. Diligence is key. Capture as many Scouts as possible. We will track your progress  and notify you when we have acquired all of the necessary information to piece together the exact location of the Settlements.

If we are successful in our mission*:

- All contributing players will receive a holographic event badge
- Top clans will receive a statue for their Dojo**
- A new set of enemies and the Grineer Settlement will be revealed!

* Rewards will be given after the event is completed.  

** If you are in a clan of 1 to 1000 people, your clan will fit into one of the following tiers based on its size:

Ghost Clan: 1-10 members

Shadow Clan: 11 - 30 members

Storm Clan: 31-100 members

Mountain Clan: 101-300 members

Moon Clan: 301 - 1000 members

If you are in a clan of 1001+ people, your score will be normalized based on total points and total clan members (not including Pending).