Frohd Bek is back and he's brought a powerful new threat!

Perrin Sequence leader, Ergo Glast, has intercepted disturbing communication. The profit-hungry Corpus are attempting to grow their military to dangerous and uncontrollable levels. Corpus Board Chairman, Frohd Bek, is inviting investors to witness the newest and deadliest Ambulas Prototype live on the battlefield. The Ambulas is equipped with a state-of-the-art processor called Animo, that learns and grows from every encounter.

Work with Ergo Glast and fellow Tenno to halt Frohd’s project and disrupt Ambulas deployment before they see widespread use. New Dropships containing the Ambulas Prototype have been sighted on Corpus planets. Take them down and make the investors think twice!


You can earn special Rewards in a variety of ways in this Operation:
- Work together with your Clan to win Trophies and glory!
- Work with Ergo Glast and exchange Animo Beacons for a variety of new and returning Rewards including:

· Event Emblem & Sigil
· Ambulas Noggle
· Sacrifice and Aviator Mods: they are back!
· Fulmination Mod: A new Pistol version of Firestorm!
· Early Access to 6 Weapon Mods:
Avenging Truth, Entropy Detonation, Stockpiled Blight, Voltage Sequence, Neutralizing Justice, Disarming Purity

- Defeat the Ambulas at the source for the ultimate reward -- the Supra Vandal!

Grab your Clan and take on Operation: Ambulas Reborn from now until Thursday, May 11 at 2 p.m. ET!

For full details, please visit our detailed post on how Operation: Ambulas Reborn works.