Open Worlds Guide
Learn more about Warframe’s Open Worlds!
Posted On 2020-01-01 00:00:00
Open Worlds Guide


An “Open World” in Warframe refers to one of several vast, overworld maps spanning a large geographic region that Tenno can roam freely and explore at their own pace - taking on a variety of tasks and objectives as they see fit.


The Open World experience is quite different from Warframe’s core gameplay. In traditional Warframe Missions, you’ll find yourself running and gunning against hordes of enemies against a procedurally-generated backdrop, snagging as many Resources and Rewards as you can before completing your Mission and making your exit. But in Open Worlds (or “Landscapes,” as they’re also known), the environment is fixed. You’ll find plenty of things to do as you navigate random enemies, hidden Quests and other areas of interest nestled within hauntingly-beautiful terrain across a variety of planets within the Origin System.

You can access these Landscapes by visiting their “hubs” – shared social spaces similar to Relays, that act as a gateway to the various objectives that await you. Link up with your fellow Tenno in these hubs and form a Squad together before venturing out into the unknown or matchmake using Bounties!



Hub: Cetus

Originally introduced in 2017, Warframe’s first Open World is set in the lush environs of Earth. This area was once the site of a ferocious battle between the Orokin and The Sentients, a conflict whose living remnants exist to this day.

You’ll find the native Ostrons in the hub known as Cetus. Assist them as they actively resist the oppressive Grineer forces who regularly infiltrate the Plains in search of ancient Sentient secrets.


Tenno who have installed the Archwing Launcher Segment in their Orbiter can deploy their Archwings in Open Worlds to quickly traverse the landscape and confront enemies in mid-air combat!


Hub: Fortuna

Warframe’s second Open World is located in a fiery mountain range on Venus, where an old Orokin terraforming installation produces a neverending snowstorm that counteracts the Sun’s harsh effects. Here, the Corpus run a debt-internment camp called Fortuna deep within the planet’s surface, and it’s the last place in the Origin System you’ll want to end up when you’re behind on your bills.

Like Cetus, Fortuna is a hub through which you can interact with the native Solaris, and take on Quests or Bounties to continue your progression.

The colony is overseen by Corpus plutocrat Nef Anyo, who will stop at nothing to maximize Fortuna’s development at the expense of its debt-bound laborers. Assist the Solaris in their struggle against the Corpus and unlock lucrative opportunities to deliver power back to the people!


The Orb Vallis is your ticket to unlocking K-Drives: powerful, lift-based boards that you can use to traverse Warframe’s Open Worlds with ease. Much like your Archwing Launcher, you can activate your K-Drive Launcher from the Gear menu and race off to your next destination in no time (no pun intended)!

Originally engineered by the Ventkids, K-Drives are moddable with special parts that you can buy with Standing. Perform Tricks out in the wild or win specially-designated K-Drive Races to earn additional Standing and upgrade your ride.


Hub: Necralisk

The Cambion Drift comprises the sickly wastelands of the Martian moon of Deimos. This Landscape has been completely subsumed by the ravages of The Infestation, so be alert at all times. The Necralisk will act as your gateway to the horrific scenery that abounds beyond, stewarded by the perplexing Entrati family whose motivations remain unclear.

While smaller than both the Plains of Eidolon and the Orb Vallis, the Cambion Drift is home to procedurally-generated underground cave systems that keep the action fresh and exciting!


Designed by the Entrati family to defend the Origin System against invading Sentient forces, these bipedal mech-suits are some of the most powerful Vehicles that you can add to your Arsenal.

Acquire and Craft parts for both the Voidrig and Bonewidow Necramechs to achieve unparalleled mobility and firepower across Warframe’s hostile Open Worlds - no matter what they have to throw at you.


Hub: Teshin’s Cave

Venture outside of the known universe into a world unlike anything you’ve experienced before: the otherworldly Planes of Duviri.

An Open World set within the nonsensical confines of The Void, Duviri is ruled over by the despotic (and mysterious) Dominus Thrax, whose mood directly influences the topgraphy of the landscape.

Step into the role of The Drifter - an alternate version of your Tenno identity - and make a choice: continue the insufferable time loop in which you are stuck, or break the cycle and set a new course for yourself once and for all.



Each Open World features a real-time Day/Night Cycle that mimics a real-world lighting system. It’s worth paying attention to, as the time of day determines not only the type of fish that Tenno will encounter in bodies of water, but also the map’s overall difficulty level.


A Bounty is a multi-part Mission administered by a major NPC from one of Warframe’s Open Worlds:

- Konzu in Cetus
- Eudico in Fortuna
- Mother in The Necralisk

Each Bounty can be classified according to its:

- enemy level
- Standing Reward
- possible completion Rewards

Each Bounty consists of a multi-stage Mission comprising 3-5 objectives that Tenno must complete within a given Open World map. Each Bounty is tiered by difficulty, with the hardest objectives yielding the greatest Rewards. Complete Bonus objectives to earn additional Standing and extra Rewards!



Once you’ve earned enough Standing with the local faction, you’ll be able to purchase Fishing Gear from a vendor at the local hub, including Spears, Baits and Dyes. Equip them from your Gear Wheel and cast out into local bodies of water or exocrine to secure your catch!


You can also secure Resources from various mineral and ore deposits throughout Warframe’s Open World Landscapes by excavating blue- and red-veined rock formations with mining tools like the Nosam Cutter or Sunpoint Plasma Drill.


Track, lure, and capture local wildlife specimens to protect them from encroaching Corpus, Grineer and Infested invasion. Employ Echo-Lures and Pheromone-Synthesizers to increase your chances of a successful hunt. Listen for the sound of your prey’s footsteps, and try to capture them before they attempt to flee!