No Enemies Spared Contest
You could win a Limited Edition Rhino Statue!
Posted On 2015-04-24 20:15:57
No Enemies Spared Contest

Let’s face it, when you first equipped that brick wall of a Warframe, you were a little intimidated yourself. Rhino’s presence makes even the sturdiest MOA shake in terror. He can be a fearless pack leader, your reliable backup, and not to mention he barrels through enemies like a train without brakes! Which is why his Rhino Charge makes the perfect candidate for our newest form of entertainment, Tenno-Pin Bowling!

How to Enter
Record a game clip of your best Rhino Charge bowling strike and submit it to this Forum Thread for judgement!

Winners will be determined by their creative use and execution of Rhino Charge to bowl over enemies.

1st place – 1 Limited Edition Rhino Statue for your real life Arsenal!
2nd place – 500 Platinum
3rd place – 250 Platinum

The contest is on now and ends Thursday April 30 at 1 p.m. EDT. For full rules, tips and information, please visit this Forum Thread. All players from each platform can participate.

Don’t strike out on this chance to grab a Limited Edition Rhino Statue!