Nightwave: Series 3 — The Glassmaker Final Episode
Stop the Glassmaker, plus reach MR 30 to take your True Master Test
Posted On 2020-10-27 15:02:00
Nightwave: Series 3 — The Glassmaker Final Episode

The time has come, Tenno. After meticulously investigating crime scenes, poring over clues and shattering glass across the Origin System, you’ve tracked the Glassmaker to a pivotal location. A place where the Glassmaker killed thousands, if not millions in an age long past.

More questions await as the latest victim you discover is Orokin, possibly someone who stood against Nihil in the past? Find clues to reveal where the Glassmaker is hiding and shatter his schemes once and for all, Tenno.

This will be the last chance to spend your Crystal Cred, so act quickly!


Mastery Rank 30 has arrived, along with a new True Master Test. It’s only available to a limited number of players right now, but all Tenno will be able to reach Mastery Rank 30 as we release more content.

When you complete your True Master Test and unlock Mastery Rank 30, you’ll receive:

- 3 Umbra Forma
- 15 Loadout Slots
- 30 Riven Slots
- True Master Chat Emoji
- True Master Emote
- True Master Sumdali Landing Craft Decoration
- Relay Blessing

Plus, a new set of Legendary Ranks for you to earn in the future! Keep ranking up your Arsenal and you’ll be taking the True Master Test before you know it.