Nightwave: Nora’s Choice
Earn Rewards in the next chapter of Nightwave!
Posted On 2021-08-04 10:04:00
Nightwave: Nora’s Choice

 Nightwave: Nora’s Choice

Nora Night is flush with helpful Rewards for her dedicated Tenno listeners! Enter the next phase of Nightwave with Nightwave: Nora’s Choice!

The Origin System’s favorite DJ will be spinning up a slew of classic Nightwave Rewards while adding exclusive new items into the mix, like the Yareli in Action Glyph and the mesmerizing Waveform Ephemera.

Take on Daily and Weekly Acts to earn Nora’s Choice Cred that you can redeem for exciting Customizations like the Harrow Crucis or Yareli Physalia Helmets! Or choose to spend it on an assortment of other items that will give your Arsenal a healthy edge.

Rank Rewards include:

1. 150 Nora’s Choice Cred
2. Transmission Color Palette
3. Two Weapon Slots
4. Eros Ephemera
5. Noggle Statue - Yareli and Merulina
6. 50 Nora’s Choice Cred
7. Three Forma Bundle
8. Orokin Reactor
9. Keratose Sugatra
10. Saturn Six Scene
11. 50 Nora’s Choice Cred
12. Three Forma Bundle
13. 20,000 Kuva
14. Rifle Riven Mod
15. Ride The Wave Glyph
16. 50 Nora’s Choice Cred
17. Weapon Exilus Adapter
18. Two-Handed Nikana Maligna Skin
19. Athari Liset Skin
20. Exposing Harpoon Augment Mod
21. 50 Nora’s Choice Cred
22. Ride The Wave Poster
23. Precision Strike Augment Mod
24. 50 Nora’s Choice Cred
25. Boolean Syandana
26. Arcane Energize x3
27. Three Forma Bundle
28. Frakta Shoulder Guard
29. Umbra Forma
30. Waveform Ephemera

If you already own any of the unique items on this list, Duplicate Protection will ensure that 50 Nora’s Choice Cred is awarded instead.

Nora Night awaits you, Tenno. Join your fellow Dreamers and start completing Acts today!