Nightwave Guide
Complete Acts to earn incredible rewards, Dreamers!
Posted On 2020-01-01 00:00:00
Nightwave Guide

Warframe is an action experience with a great deal of depth and breadth, but occasionally, you can feel stumped as to what you should do next. Some players dream of a system that provides excellent rewards for logging in and completing certain tasks in the game each day or week. Well, Nightwave is the answer, Dreamer.

Nightwave is a pirate radio broadcast hosted by Nora Night, focused on the latest stories in the Origin System. Nightwave is also a series of Daily, Weekly and now permanent objectives. All of which offer new useful or entirely unique rewards!

How to Access Nightwave

Nightwave is available via  the Orbiter’s Navigation console or through the Orbiter’s radio scanner, located on the left side of your Orbiter’s bridge. In the Nightwave menu, you’ll see your progress through the current season, your current Reward Tiers, as well as a rotating set of Daily, Weekly, Elite Weekly and Permanent Weekly Acts.

Depending on how early you are in Warframe, some of the challenges may be unavailable, as you do not have access to the related content just yet. For example, the Act "Vital Arbiter" requires you to complete an Arbitration Mission. However, you cannot access Arbitration Missions until after you have fully unlocked the Star Chart.

Unlocking Nightwave Rewards

Completing the listed Daily and Weekly challenges will earn you Standing, which allows you to progress through Nightwave Reward Tiers. There are a total of 30 tiers during each Nightwave Series. Attaining each tier will provide useful rewards or a unique Customization. 

You earn more Standing for higher levels of Acts, with Elite Weekly Acts offering the most. However, each Reward Tier always requires a total of 10,000 additional Standing to unlock.

Attaining certain ranks will also earn you Nora's Cred: a unique currency that you can spend in the "Cred Offerings" section of the Nightwave menu. You can trade Nora's Cred for items such as Mods, Blueprints, Customizations and more! Newer players should especially direct their attention to Nitain Extract (a rare crafting Resource that can't be obtained anywhere else) as well as Orokin Catalysts and Orokin Reactors (which double the Mod Capacity of Weapons, Warframes and more)

PC players can click the Cred Offerings button to access this special store. Whereas console players can press the Y button on Xbox controllers, the Triangle button on PlayStation controllers or the X button on Nintendo Switch controllers.

Nightwave Series Rotations

Nightwave operates on a time-limited rotation. This means that the exclusive items from each Reward Tier will only be available for a limited time! Keep up with the News section of or follow us on social media to learn exactly when a Series is set to end (or when a new Series begins). There is also a countdown timer that appears on the Star Chart when the current Nightwave Series is near its end.

In addition, several Items found in the Cred Offerings store are on a weekly rotation, so the available stock will change each week. You can see the time remaining time on the current offerings in the bottom left of the store page.

When the current Nightwave Series ends, the leftover Creds for that season can no longer be redeemed for items. Instead, you can sell them for standard Credits from your Inventory.