Nightwatch Collection
Add new exclusive Customizations to your Arsenal!
Posted On 2023-06-14 14:33:00
Nightwatch Collection

Update: Nightwatch Collection access is ending soon! Add the Grinlok Rifle and Grinlok Nightwatch Skin to your Arsenal for free if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber before they're gone.

Defend the defenseless with the latest PlayStation exclusive gear in the new Nightwatch Collection!

Add the precise, lever-action Grinlok Weapon and stealthy Diriga Sentinel and more to your Arsenal instantly.

Warframe®: Nightwatch Collection includes:

- Grinlok Rifle Weapon
- Grinlok Nightwatch Skin
- Diriga Sentinel Companion
- Diriga Nightwatch Skin
- Kuva Braid Syandana
- 3-Day Affinity Booster
- 3-Day Credit Booster
- 100 Platinum (premium currency)