Nights of Naberus Returns
Earn spine-chilling Rewards during Warframe’s spookiest event!
Posted On 2023-10-04 11:15:00
Nights of Naberus Returns

Feel that ghoulish chill in the air, Tenno? It's a hair-raising reminder that the Nights of Naberus, our most macabre yearly celebration, are back! This year's event will run from Wednesday, October 4 at 2 p.m. ET until Wednesday, November 1 at 2 p.m. ET. This year also introduces several new items to earn with your Mother Tokens: including a Gammacor Day of the Dead skin and so much more!

Nights of Naberus 2023 Rewards:

- Gammacor Day of the Dead Skin

- Frightening Flock Emblem

- Taunting Tam Emblem

- Somber Stalker Sigil

- Hounding Kubrow Sigil

- Lua Nights Glyph

Be sure to visit Daughter on Deimos throughout the month to trade in your Mother Tokens for these Rewards! Additionally, you can purchase Day of the Dead Bundles from previous years from the in-game Market. So be sure to log in and join us in the latest Nights of Naberus celebration!