Now available through Syndicate Offerings
Posted On 2014-11-28 18:33:46

In case you missed it in the newly released Update Mesa, now can take your Syndicate alliance to the next level!

Six Syndicate weapons bring a twist on weapons both new and familiar. Charged with unique bonuses, these weapons reflect the Syndicates they represent.

Each weapon has an adjusted stat and built-in – Justice, Truth, Entropy, Sequence, Purity or Blight – to reflect its Syndicate’s nature.

Steel Meridian
Weapon: Vaykor Marelok
Justice (Radial Heat damage and 25% Health Restore and a base Armor boost of +25% for 30 seconds.)

Arbiters of Hexis
Weapon: Telos Akbolto
Truth (Radial Toxin damage and 25% Health Restore and a base Stamina boost of +100% for 30 seconds.)

Cephalon Suda
Weapon: Synoid Gammacor
Entropy (Radial Magnetic damage, 25% max energy restore, and 25% base energy boost for 30 seconds)

Perrin Sequence
Weapon: Secura Dual Cestra
Sequence (Radial Radiation damage, 50% Shield Buff (based on base shields), and 25% Shield Restore.)

New Loka
Weapon: Sancti Castanas
Purity (Radial Corrosive damage and 25% Health Restore and a base Health boost of +25% for 30 seconds.)

Red Veil
Weapon: Rakta Ballistica
Blight (Radial Viral damage and 25% Energy Restore and provide a (base) movement speed boost of +10% for 30 seconds.)

Obtain these weapons through Syndicate Offerings. You must reach the top Syndicate Standing to purchase the pertaining weapon.

The completely new weapon, the Gammacor (non-Syndicate version), is available for purchase in the Market.