Meet the voice cast of The New War

When The New War launched last month, it became the biggest Cinematic Quest in Warframe history. Though your battle with the Sentients rages across many fronts—some old, others entirely new—we also endeavoured to tell a deeply emotional and intimate story about your struggle to reunite with The Lotus. But all that would be for nothing if it weren’t for the incredible voice talent who bring Warframe’s characters to life.

Below you’ll find the complete cast list for The New War.

Spoiler Warning: If you haven’t completed The New War yet, this cast listing will spoil some major character reveals.

The New War Voice Cast

Operator/Drifter/Evil Twin
Scott Whyte
Emily Wold (also follow her on Instagram)
Maya Aoki Tuttle
Griffin Puatu

 Meet the voice cast of The New War

The Lotus
Rebecca Ford

Max Howarth

Antonio Greco

Mike Leatham

Thomas Dixon

Cephalon Cy/Master Teasonai/Berryn/Male Ostron Prisoner
Stefan Martello

Grineer Disciple Ka-Nuteru/Terolee/Unum
Tricia Brioux

Calvin Joyal

Jenva/Cephalon Melica
Gemma Laurelle

Evil Twin/Zariman Announcer
Erich Preston

Kahl 175
Adam Bennett

Vey Hek
James Atkins

Alad V
Kol Crosbie (on Discord at [DE]Skree#4323)

 Meet the voice cast of The New War

Sean Philips

Little Duck
Claire Vousden

Nora Night
Sheryl Mebane

Euleria Entrati
Keaton Talmadge

Artiie Widgery

Tamara Fritz

Adin Rudd

Louise Samuels

Female Ostron Prisoner
Maya Aoki Tuttle

 Meet the voice cast of The New War

Warframe’s Biggest Quest Yet

The New War ties together eight years of Warframe’s story into one epic five-hour Quest as you and some unlikely allies unite to repel the overwhelming Sentient invasion and reunite with The Lotus. Surviving the conflict will require every weapon in your Arsenal, including a Necramech and Railjack.

If you’re new to Warframe or recently returned and wondering if you’re ready for this climactic chapter of Warframe’s story, we have a comprehensive guide just for you. Here you’ll find tips on what you’ll need to do to unlock The New War Quest, information on how to earn powerful Prime Warframes during Prime Resurgence, and a handy flowchart of what new Warframe activities are worth digging into.

The New War is available now.