Loadout Tips for Gyre

With her deadly grace and synergistic electricity-inspired Abilities, Gyre has jumpstarted the Origin System after her arrival with our latest update, Angels of the Zariman.

Whether you plan to earn her Blueprints through Zariman Bounties and craft her in the Foundry, or add the Gyre Collection to your Arsenal instantly from the in-game Market, you’ll need to build a loadout before Bullet Jumping into the fight.

We’ve assembled a few helpful Community guides to get you started on the path towards the unstoppable momentum Gyre has to offer.

L1fewater: Infinite Red Crits

Check out L1fewater’s Build Guide to see how you can get “Infinite Red Crits” with Gyre’s synergistic Abilities and some smart Mod choices!

Pushing Ability Strength, Duration and Range is what L1fewater recommends to really boost your Critical Chance and Damage with Gyre’s third Ability, Cathode Grace. Cathode Grace increases your Critical Chance and Energy Regen as long as you continue to kill enemies.

 Loadout Tips for Gyre

To mitigate Gyre’s delicate “glass cannon” defenses, it’s recommended you use Mods like Rolling Guard, which grants invulnerability after a dodge. You can also make use of the invulnerability granted by using Transference!

Weapons that deal innate Electricity Damage like the Amprex, Fulmin, or Gyre’s signature Alternox are also great Primary Weapons options for Gyre.

GrindHardSquad: Watch Enemies Melt

Watch enemies melt with GrindHardSquad’s guide to getting the most out of Gyre!

Squad Leader points out that Gyre benefits greatly from increased Ability Range, so this build extends her reach to almost 200% with the help of Mods like Overextended and Stretch. With greater range, her Rotorswell and Coil Horizon Abilities can affect more enemies in a wider area, completely controlling large groups of enemies.

To avoid damage, Squad Leader has set up an awesome combination of Warframe and Companion, using the Stalk Mod on the Huras Kubrow to go invisible and let Gyre’s amped-up Abilities take care of enemies.

 Loadout Tips for Gyre

This wraps up our Community feature on Gyre guides! Make sure to check out all the talented Warframe Creators for even more tips and builds.

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