The Legend of John Prodman
A symbol of hope
Posted On 2014-11-07 13:44:20
The Legend of John Prodman

“The Prod Crewman prodpaganda is the second best weapon in the Corpus arsenal. The Prod Crewman is the first.” -[DE]Drew

Life within the Corpus is far from easy. Keeping production, shipment and delivery of goods on time is difficult when you’re being raided by the Grineer. Or, when Tenno infiltrate your facility killing your friends and family without hesitation or slaughter. Or, when Crewman Dave leaves the plasma cutter on high while idling and now you’ve got to wait for it to recharge. Plus, now you’ve got a hole in the floor.

Being a part of the Corpus can be rough, but that does not mean they are without hope. For among them lives a legend. A man who fears nothing. An unyielding hero against those who would stand in the way of Profit.

His name is John Prodman.

Instead of flaunting his incredible bravery and physical prowess John Prodman keeps himself far from the spotlight, only emerging when the Corpus need him most. Rumors of this Prova-wielding warrior have even reached Tenno ears. Some have even seen the mysterious crewman with their own eyes, only to have him vanish from the battlefield just as quickly as he appeared.

Knowledge of his existence first came from a particularly keen Tenno, Llyssa. Their documentation of the Prodman’s martial arts strength was naturally a cause for curiosity.

Since confirmation of his existence the Lotus has worked hard to gather as much intelligence as possible on this potential threat. By intercepting communications between Corpus outposts a file has been drawn together of the most conclusive facts. Unfortunately, what she’s been able to gather may not be the most useful information:

• Turned down a weapon upgrade to the Detron stating he only trusted two weapons, his Prova and his Fist, in that order.
• Was the first crewman to replace Zanuka as Employee of the Month.
• Rumored that all other Prod Crewmen are named after his legacy.
• He only emerges when Crewmen need him most.

Given the mysterious nature of John Prodman’s appearance on the battlefield we can excuse the Lotus for having slim legitimate details. But to create the ultimate compendium of knowledge on the Corpus’ most dangerous weapon Tenno may need to lend a hand.

Observe the Corpus during Invasion missions, assist them during Infestation Outbreaks, or simply keep an eye out during missions on Corpus controlled planets like Jupiter and Venus. Take screenshots of particularly heroic Prodmen and keep detailed notes on any suspicious activity from these Profit worshiping merchants. With your help maybe we can finally create a complete file on one of the Solar System’s most mysterious legends.