Tenno everywhere can now stalk their prey across the battlefield as the gilded whip-wielder, Khora Prime. The golden mistress of the live wire debuts alongside her loyal Kavat, Venari Prime, plus her Prime Weapons, Accessories and more as part of our latest Prime Access release.

Whether you add this ferocious huntress (and her deadly companion) to your Arsenal instantly, or earn her Blueprints from Void Relics to craft in your Foundry, you’ll want to push your new Khora Prime to the max with a powerful build.

The guides outlined below should provide a useful starting point when deciding how to mod this versatile, fan-favorite Warframe (and her devastating, fun-to-use whip).

Brozime: Whip It Khora!

Check out Brozime’s recent build guide for a straightforward overview of Khora’s strengths.

Brozime recommends building for Range and survivability. 200% is a good target for Range in order to maximize the reach of Khora’s Whipclaw Ability, while survivability can be enhanced by equipping the Brief Respite and Rolling Guard Mods. You’ll also want to equip her Accumulating Whipclaw Augment Mod to gain additional bonus stacks with each use.

There are a number of viable subsumable Abilities that can be added to your Khora Prime build, but Brozime recommends two in particular. Wisp’s Breach Surge is a reliable option if you’re looking to add even more damage and/or survivability to your build, while Protea’s Dispensary is also worth considering for the extra energy it provides.

Once you’ve settled on your Mods, taking control of the fight is easy. Cast Whipclaw repeatedly to decimate enemies, while using Strangledome occasionally for crowd control.


For a more utilitarian approach to your build (one that your Squadmates will no doubt appreciate), consider Grind Hard Squad’s guide which focuses on Khora Prime’s farming potential.

The key here is an Augment Mod called Pilfering Strangledome, which gives her 4th Ability a 65% chance of extracting additional loot from any enemies caught in its snare. It’s similar to the Pilfering Tentacles Augment Mod available for Hydroid, except that it has a wider range and provides greater crowd control.

Grind Hard Squad opts for Protea’s Dispensary in lieu of Khora’s Venari Ability. This is a worthwhile tradeoff so long as Equilibrium is also equipped, as it will allow Khora to benefit from both energy and health pickups. This means not having to worry about recasting your Abilities, or whether you have enough health to stay alive.

L1fewater: Insane DPS Whipclaw Khora!

As you may have guessed from the title, L1fewater’s guide is all about maximizing the damage potential of Khora’s Whipclaw. As we’ve already noted, the damage bonus from Accumulating Whipclaw stacks with each use. Simply spamming this Ability is often enough to clear a room full of enemies.

However L1fewater also identifies Whipclaw as a “pseudo-Exalted Weapon,” in as far as it is also directly affected by a large number of Melee mods. These include Mods that increase flat damage, as well as Elemental Damage, Critical Damage, Critical Chance, Status Chance and Combo Counter, not to mention various Augment and Riven Mods (in fact, about the only two Mods that won’t affect Whipclaw are Condition Overload and Healing Return).

For especially high damage output, L1fewater recommends adding both Weeping Wounds and Blood Rush to increase Whipclaw’s Status and Critical Chance, respectively. When each of these have stacked, try priming enemies with Viral before cracking the whip to see some truly “insane” results. Slap Gara’s Spectrorage Ability onto this build and cast it as often as possible for additional energy so you can keep the damage flowing!

- - -

These are only a small handful of the Khora Prime builds available to you, Tenno. There are lots of other talented Warframe content creators out there, so explore the community for even more builds and ideas.