Jade Shadows Merch Collection
A new chapter for the Stalker, a new look for you!
Posted On 2024-06-18 15:02:00
Jade Shadows Merch Collection

The launch of Jade Shadows marks a revealing new chapter in the history of the Origin System's most notorious assassin. And in the Stalker's honor, we're pleased to offer some exclusive new IRL Customizations to Death Mark the occasion:


Add some malevolent flair to your IRL Orbiter with this carefully-detailed polyresin miniature replica. Box size/Dimensions: 12cm x 12cm x 24cm.


We can't confirm whether or not the Stalker wears hats, but if he does, this one would be right up his alley. Featuring the Stalker’s signature red logo against black, this hat is available in one adjustable size only and made from 100% cotton.


Can’t stop obsessing over the latest Stalker-themed Merch? Stop living in despair and get both of the above items at a discount! This bundle includes both the polyresin Stalker Noggle and 100% cotton Stalker hat.

Please note: items are available for pre-order. Expected ship date is August 2024.

Quantities are limited. There will be no salvation if you miss out, Tenno!