Jade Chorus Pack
Unleash devastation through an inebriating hymn.
Posted On 2024-06-18 11:31:00
Jade Chorus Pack

Bring euphoric yet lethal melodies to your Arsenal with Jade, the angelic Warframe of death and rebirth, and intensify each chorus through her signature Customizations!

Seraphic judgment is all part of Jade’s methodology in combat — and dazzling those beneath her light requires some elegant flair! Let loose Jade’s full potential with the Jade Aureolt Helmet, Terror Landing Craft Skin, and so much more.

This pack features:


  • Jade Warframe
  • Motetique Signa
  • Jade Aureolt Helmet
  • Terror Landing Craft Skin
  • Jade In Action Glyph
  • Jade Ophanim Sigil
  • Light & Shadow Color Palette
  • 275 Platinum


This pack may only be purchased once per account.

Illuminate secrets that the mysterious Stalker has hidden from prying eyes in Jade Shadows, available now on all platforms! Confront foes left spellbound by Jade’s glory during Operation: Belly of the Beast Clan, and fight off hordes of opportunistic Corpus at the Stalker’s stronghold with the all-new Ascension game mode.