Introducing Our 14.5 Mod Update

Mods: the core of Warframe’s customization. These virtual cards are carefully added on to your favorite frames and weapons to turn you into the ultimate Tenno . Players spend a lot of time deciding what Mods they want to equip, upgrade, fuse or sell; which means a pretty considerable amount of your testing is going to take place within the Arsenal. As the game’s visuals have enhanced through 3D transmission portraits to diegetic UI’s, the Mod cards from 1 year ago are starting to show their age…so, they’re getting a facelift with Update 14.5 that streamlines their look for ease of use.

The biggest and most obvious change is that mods are collapsible, which provides room to fit more Mods on screen without any vital information being cut short. Mod Names, Stances, Ranks, Conclave Rating and Auras still remain on each card with some refinements to their location on the card.

Ranking is now displayed below the mod, and any mod that has the unique Aura or Stance feature will have a special indicator showing the polarity. For more information on what a particular Mod does you need only mouse over it and more information will be available. This new compact format allows for more Mods to fit on the screen without sacrificing any important info like polarity or rank.

We’ve also added a lot of detail to how your Warframe and weapons as Mods are customized. Equipping a mod will show you what changes you’re making to Armor, Health, Power, Shields and Stamina in real time, and weapons go into even further detail. Damage types will adjust with every change you make, and elemental damage will reflect changes as you add (or subtract) elemental damage Mods. The most noticeable change is in the way configurations work, now giving Tenno the ability to compare one weapon build to another without needing to swap through menus.

Finally, each Mod has been given a more definitive color coding so you’ll be able to easily determine Rare, Uncommon and Common Mods from one another. This is something that every Mod card had before, but wasn’t nearly as pronounced. Now the color coding is much more obvious for those not familiar with the names of each individual card which makes finding Rare Mods that much easier. Not to mention they look pretty snazzy.

We’re confident that while these new changes may take a little while to get used to the end result will be a Mod System that’s a lot smoother to navigate and understand. Let us know what you think, hit up our Official Forums to discuss 14.5’s slick new Mod update with the rest of the community.