Initiate Pack II
Kickstart your journey with the upgraded Initiate Pack!
Posted On 2022-03-28 15:08:00

 Initiate Pack II
Boost your Arsenal instantly with the new Initiate Pack, including a Warframe, Platinum, Customizations and many more powerful items! Master Nova's Abilities to unleash devastating antimatter explosions and traverse the battlefield through universe-bending portals. Get the Initiate Pack II and start playing today!


Initiate Pack II features:

- 275 Platinum
- 2,000 Endo
- Nova Warframe
- Vectis Sniper Rifle
- Essential Critical Chance Mod Bundle
- Vital Sense Mod
- Nova Atomica Skin
- Radia Syandana
- Alamos Sniper Skin
- Classic Saturated Color Palette
- 7-Day Affinity Booster

Add the new and improved Initiate Pack to your Arsenal today! Limit of one per account