Important Update
Digital Extremes’ ongoing support for Ukraine
Posted On 2022-03-09 14:50:00
Important Update

Digital Extremes stands united and in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, upon whom unconscionable violence has been wrought.

Last week, in an effort to assist the people of Ukraine and help ease their burdens during this time of crisis, we donated $100,000 CAD to the Canadian Red Cross to directly support relief efforts.

Additionally, we have made the decision to further support victims of war by suspending all payment options in the Russia and Belarus regions, including Platinum and Bundles offered through our first-party partners, the in-game Warframe Market, and those directly available through

What does this mean for me?
If you are located outside of Russia or Belarus, your Warframe experience will remain unaffected. If you are located within Russia or Belarus, you will not be able to purchase Warframe content.

Will the game still work?
Warframe live services will remain available and active in the Russia and Belarus regions. Any in-game items purchased prior to this decision will remain available.

Which platforms are affected?
Some platforms may be restricted earlier than others. Our aim is to establish consistency across all platforms as quickly as possible.

How long will this last?
It is unknown at this time how long payment suspensions will remain in effect. Please watch our Twitter feed for further updates.

Does this decision impact physical Warframe merchandise available on
Yes, we have suspended transactions for Warframe merchandise from Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. Shipping to Ukraine has been suspended due to mail delivery complications at this time.

- - -

As a company, Digital Extremes is committed to supporting peace, and will continue to mobilize our resources in helping the people of Ukraine as well as our employees of Ukrainian descent and others from impacted regions with families and friends suffering overseas.