Heirloom Collections FAQ
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Posted On 2024-05-31 11:27:00
Heirloom Collections FAQ

To help the Heirloom program further its goal of honoring the legacy of the Tenno, we’ve taken heed of your feedback and introduced a number of structural changes that will apply to upcoming and future Heirloom releases. Below, you’ll find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions, and the new paths available to forthcoming Heirlooms.

Will Heirloom Collections still be paid-only?

No. Unlike 2023’s Mag and Frost Heirloom Collections, future Heirloom releases will be available via multiple purchase paths. You’ll be able to acquire Heirloom Collections using either real world currency, or Platinum. It’s your choice.

Are there any differences between the two paths?

Whether you opt to purchase a Collection with real world currency or Platinum, you’ll receive all of the Heirloom Customizations available for that specific release! However, Collections purchasable via real world currency will also include Platinum.

I’m only interested in one or two specific Heirloom items. Do I need to purchase a full Collection?

No. Heirloom items will also be available on an individual basis for Platinum only.

Will Heirloom releases still feature designs for two Warframes at a time?

No. Forthcoming Heirloom designs will be structured around a single Warframe per release.

Are Heirloom Collections still time-locked? Do I need to buy within a limited window?

No! While purchases of the Mag and Frost Heirloom Collections were halted after December 31, 2023, we will be permanently extending the availability window going forward. Platinum purchase paths for both Heirloom Collections and individual Heirloom items will live on forever through the in-game Market (Heirloom Collections purchasable via real world currency will remain time-limited, however).