Heart of the Ordis Returns
Show your affection with items new and old
Posted On 2020-02-05 14:16:00
Heart of the Ordis Returns

Heart of the Ordis Returns

Heart of the Ordis has arrived! If this isn’t your first rotation, you might find that declaring your love from the top of the Orb Vallis only goes so far in displaying your infatuation for that special Valentenno.

the four Glyphs included in Donwyn Glyph Bundle

Show your affection with four new Glyphs! The Donwyn Glyph Bundle II is available now in the in-game Market. From an engrossing Kuva heart to every Tenno’s favorite wingman, there’s a Glyph for every sweetheart in your crosshairs.

Items from previous cycles are also making their return:

- Valentine Color Picker - 1 Credit
- Eros Arrow Skin - 5,000 Credits
- Eros Oro Ornament - 50,000 Credits
- Donwyn Glyph Bundle - 80 Platinum

Darvo holding Valentines Arrows

Darvo, ever-smitten by the prospect of turning a profit, will be offering 50% off* all Bows, Crossbows and Arrow Skins.

MK-1 Paris
Mutalist Cernos

Ballistica Forest-Camo Skin
Ballistica Tekelu Skin
Cattaril Arrow Skin
Daikyu Ormolu Skin
Meer Arrow Skin
Paris Forest-Camo Skin
Paris Kintsugi Skin
Paris Nocturne Skin
Sylus Arrow Skin

*This excludes any TennoGen as well as any Bundle that includes a Bow or Crossbow.

These items will be available from February 5 until February 17 at 2 p.m. ET! Find the Donwyn Glyph Bundle II and other items in the Market today.