Heart of the Ordis Returns

Heart of the Ordis has returned to Origin System, and along with it, lots of exciting ways to participate in the festivities! From February 6 at 2 p.m. ET to February 18 at 2 p.m. ET, find a variety of in-game items, deals, and more.

Find the following items in the in-game Market to spruce up your ship and Arsenal:

Valentines Color Picker - 1 Credit
Eros Arrow Skin - 5,000 Credits
Eros Oro Ornament - 50,000 Credits
Donwyn Glyphs (total of 5)
- Bundle: 80 Plat
- Individual: 20 Plat

Darvo Deals

Darvo, always effective at sniffing out an opportunity for commerce, will be offering a 50% discount on all Bows, Crossbows, and Arrow Skins! Profits make his heart grow three sizes, so check out his offerings and where you can save some Platinum below:

MK-1 Paris
Mutalist Cernos

Cattaril Arrow Skin
Meer Arrow Skin
Sylus Arrow Skin
Ballistica Forest-Camo Skin
Ballistica Tekelu Skin
Daikyu Ormolu Skin
Paris Forest-Camo Skin
Paris Kintsugi Skin
Paris Nocturne Skin

New Grineer Queens T-Shirt

 Tenno! Don’t miss your chance to show your support for the most repulsive regals in the Origin System with this new t-shirt. As an added bonus if you purchase the shirt before February 14 at 11:59 PM ET you will receive an exclusive Warframe Valentine’s day card with your order, so act fast! Head over to the Official Warframe Store to get yours!

With so many ways to participate, Heart of the Ordis is shaping up to fill the Operator’s heart with joy for another year!