Harrow Prime Access
Add the Inquisitor Eternal to your Arsenal instantly
Posted On 2021-12-10 09:31:00
Harrow Prime Access

Preaching a gospel of iron and flame, Harrow Prime sanctifies Prime Access! Add the Inquisitor Eternal to your Arsenal, along with his signature Weapons, Scourge Prime and Knell Prime, and exclusive Prime Accessories!

Master Harrow Prime’s Abilities to punish enemies and support allies in equal measure. Lock enemies down with Condemn before unleashing Harrow Prime’s headshot-hungry Scourge Prime and Knell Prime.

 Harrow Prime Access

Harrow Prime Access Features:

Harrow Prime
The Inquisitor Eternal arises, hallowed by the Void, preaching a gospel of iron and flame.

Scourge Prime
Smite the unrighteous with Harrow Prime’s signature speargun. Blast targets with corrosive plasma projectiles, or toss the scepter to inflict nearby enemies with an energy field that amplifies their brain waves to attract bullets.

Knell Prime
Ring a funeral toll upon enemy skulls with Harrow Prime's signature pistol. Headshots briefly turn this scoped pistol into a rapid-fire, Critical Damage fiend that uses no ammo.

Exclusive Harrow Prime Glyphs

 Harrow Prime Access

Harrow Prime Accessories includes:

- Nave Prime Syandana
- Templar Prime Suit
- 90-Day Resource Booster
- 90-Day Affinity Booster

When Harrow Prime enters Prime Access the following items will be entering the Prime Vault:

- Ivara Prime
- Baza Prime
- Aksomati Prime

 Harrow Prime Access

Harrow Prime Access begins December 15 on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch!