Halloween Themed TennoGen
Create dark and creepy Warframe skins for TennoGen Round 10!
Posted On 2017-07-26 04:09:00
Halloween Themed TennoGen

With every Halloween, we bring you Day of the Dead cosmetics, but this year we want to make the haunting season a little more… serious. The Chains of Harrow Quest has unearthed a darker side of the Origin System, and it’s time that your Warframes looked the part.

For TennoGen Round 10, we will be accepting only Warframe Skins and Alt helmets that highlight the dark, visceral parts of the Warframe universe, all to be released with our Halloween promotion in October this year. To have your creation be considered for this special Halloween round, you will need to submit it to the Steam Workshop by August 31!

Don’t let Stalker be the only edgelord in town - are you up to it, Tenno?

General Info:

  • This Round is for Halloween-themed Warframe Skins and Alt helmets only.
  • Only dark and creepy themed submissions will be accepted, so put away your jack-o-lanterns, bats, and witch hats!
  • The deadline to be considered for Round 10 is August 31.
  • We are aiming to simultaneously release the accepted pieces on PC and Consoles with our Halloween promotion in October 2017, pending any technical roadblocks.
  • You can submit as many creations as you’d like for this round.
  • All submissions to the Steam Workshop for this round must be final. You can highlight your WIP creation using the TennoGen section on our Official Forums!

How to download the TennoGen Tool:

  • Under the tools category in your Steam library, double click the Warframe TennoGen tool to install it.
  • Alternatively, copy and paste this Steam url into your browser: steam://install/396050

How to Submit Your Piece:

  • Create a creepy Warframe Skin and/or Alt Helmet that follows the Technical and Style Guidelines (see below)
  • Submit your creation to the Warframe Steam Workshop and make sure your submission is visible to the public.
  • Collaboration is allowed, but please ensure that any collaboration is reflected in Steam’s Revenue Distribution for your creation.
  • If you need some help getting started, be sure to review our complete TennoGen guide

Style Guidelines:

  • Skins and/or Alt Helmets must be dark and creepy to match the Halloween theme
  • No cartoony Halloween pieces will be accepted, so put away your jack-o-lanterns, bats, and witch hats!
  • Copying another Warframe character’s aesthetic is not the goal here: please no Stalker/Red Veil/Acolyte Skins or Alt Helmets.
  • Avoid contemporary references, pop culture, and 'meta'.
  • Submissions must be completely your original creation (or that of you and your collaborators).
  • Make sure that any facial feature, bones, or gore is abstracted and Tennofied! Nekros Prime’s model is a great example of invoking the look of innards without explicitly having internal organs; he is also a good reference of an abstracted skull-like helmet:

Technical Guidelines

Alt-Helmets (with or without full Warframe skin)

  • Complete remodel allowed
  • Triangle budget: 5000
  • Maps: Authored at 2048 x 1024; In game will be 512 x 1024
  • Full Alt-Helmet guide is available here.

Warframe Skin

  • Textures-only, no altering of the model allowed (except for the Helmet, see above)
  • Maps: Authored at 2048 x 2048; Emissive and tintmask will be 1024 x 1024 in-game
  • Full Warframe Skin guide is available here