Hallowed Flame Tactical Alert
Keep the flame alive to earn an exclusive Ephemera!
Posted On 2019-10-25 14:19:00
Hallowed Flame Tactical Alert

Keep the Hallowed Flame alive during this limited-time Halloween tactical alert to get the exclusive Naberus Ephemera and conjure bats with every step!

What To Do:
Seek out the Zealoid and destroy him to procure the Hallowed Flame, a prized lantern whose light sheds the invulnerability of the enemies washed over by it. Keep the Hallowed Flame charged for the required amount of time by killing enemies. Do so successfully to extract and earn rewards! See more details here.

Tactical Alert Rewards:
Mission 1: Orokin Catalyst
Mission 2: Forma
Mission 3: Aura Forma
Mission 4: Naberus Ephemera and Stratos Emblem

The Hallowed Flame Tactical Alert runs from now until November 1, 2 p.m. ET on all platforms. Don’t let these rewards fade to black!