Vem Tabook, Shik Tal and Leekter. Remember their names, Tenno. They may be coming for you!

Vay Hek has warned that any Tenno supporting the Corpus during invasions will face consequences; we now know what those consequences are. Riddled with mutation, violent tendencies and the urge to kill, these Grineer defects - otherwise known as The Grustrag Three - pose a high level threat. They have been detected in the Solar System and have been taking notice of Tenno support for Corpus during invasions.

Beware, Tenno. If you have been showing your support for the Corpus, you may be in danger.

Also coming your way:

TENNO REINFORCEMENTS - The Marelok brings damage with Old West flair! See it in action here:

LEVEL EXPANSION - New areas to explore in the expansion of Earth’s Forest tileset!

NEW WARFRAME SKINS - Customize Ember, Nekros, Valkyr, and Oberon with new Immortal Skins.

NEW COLORS - Customize your Warframes and Weapons with the Twilight Color Picker.

Go get it, Tenno!