Which side will you choose?
Posted On 2013-10-23 22:18:30

Starting -- Wednesday, October 23
Ending -- Wednesday, October 30 at 12 PM EDT

Intel shows a growing conflict that will begin on Gradivus in Mars. Expect it to spread. The Grineer are planning an operation against the Corpus lead by Sargas Ruk. Alad V of the Corpus has discovered a cache of Tenno in cryo-sleep and intends on exploiting them for his secret weapons project. The Grineer are outraged at this contract violation. They are using this as an excuse to invade Corpus space, enslave the local population, and grow their power. The Lotus is your guide but not your conscience. You will have to choose which side to support:

Choose Loyalty, and side with the Grineer to destroy Corpus forces and free your kin. Choose Sacrifice, siding with Corpus to halt the Grineer conquest and enslavement of colonies.

Both sides have reached out to the Lotus with reward offers for each contested location as well as rewards for the conflict as a whole.

Both sides will offer payment for supporting them in a particular contested location in Mars. Selecting a conflict location will present a choice of sides and their respective Battle Pay.
Your Battle Pay is only given after the location conflict is resolved regardless of which side ultimately wins the location.
You will need to commit to a side to earn this Battle Pay by completing 5 missions to prove your support. If you switch sides, you will erode your rating with the opposition and risk not getting either reward.
Keep in mind that end-of-mission rewards are unaffected; Battle Pay will be sent to your inbox only when the location conflict ends.

When both sides have exhausted themselves in this conflict you will be rewarded based on two factors: your participation and if you supported the winning side.

Tier One Rewards
Complete 5 missions, regardless of victor.
- IF you supported Corpus (more missions on their side than against) an elegant Corpus-branded event badge to show off your support for the enigmatic Corpus.
- IF you supported Grineer (more missions on their side than against) a proud Grineer-branded event badge to show off your support of the mighty Grineer.

Tier Two Rewards
Complete 25 missions of any side, with the reward determined by the victor.
- IF the Corpus win: A deadly Vandal edition of the PROVA. Stun your friends in style. This weapon is super-charged and comes with a weapon slot!
- IF the GRINEER win: A Wraith edition MACHETTE starving for blood. This weapon is super-charged and comes with a weapon slot!

Tier Three Rewards
Complete 100 missions, with the reward determined by two factors: the victorious side AND if you supported them (you did more missions for them, than against them).
IF the Corpus win:
- And you supported them: The ferocious DETRON hand-cannon. The Detron will be super-charged along with a new weapon slot!
- You did not support them: A DETRON blueprint, reverse-engineered by the Lotus.
IF the Grineer win:
- And you supported them: The semi-automatic BRAKK hand-cannon. It comes super-charged and with a weapon slot included!
- You did not support them: A BRAKK blueprint stolen from a Grineer datacenter.

Leaderboard position is based on the sum total of which faction your Clan is supporting.
- The top three clans in each tier will receive a Faction-specific trophy in Gold, Silver and Bronze form based on their position on the leaderboards for which faction they support.
- Your clan's score requires a commitment: each member's faction rating will erode the clan's opposing faction's rating. If one member does 100 Corpus missions and another does 100 Grineer missions, they will cancel each other out and your standing will be zero with both. Coordinate.