Gift of the Lotus Alerts
Two Weapon Skins and new Sigil up for grabs!
Posted On 2019-05-08 14:13:00
Gift of the Lotus Alerts

Three Gift of the Lotus Alerts are here to spice up your Fashion Frames!

From now until May 15, 2 p.m. ET, log in and complete the Gift of the Lotus Alerts to earn the Paris Abra Skin, the Glaxion Polar Skin and the brand-new Rhino Palatine Sigil. Don’t delay -- if you don’t claim them, these rewards will be cast back into the Void from where they came.

Alert #1: Defense 
Enemy: Grineer
Enemy Level: 10-15
10 Waves
Eurasia (Earth)
Reward: Paris Abra Skin & 10K Credits

Alert #2: Survival 
Enemy: Grineer
Enemy Level: 15-25
15 Minute Duration
Draco (Ceres)
Reward: Glaxion Polar Skin & 10K Credits

Alert #3: Hive 
Enemy: Infestation
Enemy Level: 20-40
Brugia (Eris)
Reward: Rhino Palatine Sigil & 10K Credits

Log in and get those rewards, Tenno!