Get monthly rewards with Discord Nitro Game Perks

Enjoy monthly rewards with Discord Nitro! Discord Nitro Game Perks give you access to in-game items and bonuses like the Ash Nitro Bundle, a free 7-Day Booster every month, and more.

The Ash Nitro Bundle includes:
⠂Ash Warframe
⠂Ash Koga Skin
⠂Nikana Ryu Weapon Skin
⠂Centuria Syandana
⠂Gazal Armor Bundle
⠂Discord Exclusive Color Picker
⠂7-Day Affinity Booster

Make sure to claim your Ash Nitro Bundle now, and come back monthly for your 7-Day Booster Perks!


Is this available on all platforms?
The Discord Nitro Perks Program is currently only available on PC.

Can I claim rewards with Nitro Classic?
You cannot claim these perks with Nitro Classic.