“Gauss: Redline” Official Music Release
Enjoy the track from our Gauss Prime Access trailer again and again!
Posted On 2024-01-26 14:24:00
“Gauss: Redline” Official Music Release

You asked and we delivered, Tenno!

The overwhelming response to Gauss Prime Access has been due in no small part to the incredible trailer put together internally by our very talented team. And as your comments, posts and DMs have strongly suggested, you’ve been just as mesmerized by its frenetic, drum and bass soundtrack as we have!

With that in mind, we’re officially releasing “Gauss: Redline” as a standalone music track for your listening pleasure. Check out our official YouTube music video below:

You can also enjoy “Gauss: Redline” on Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp.


- Spotify
- Apple Music
- Bandcamp


Music: Matthew Chalmers
Lyrics: Matthew Chalmers
Vocals and Instruments: Matthew Chalmers
Music Supervisor: Erich Preston

If you have yet to add the Saint of Altra to your Arsenal and are feeling the need for speed, Gauss Prime Access is available now: