Exclusive Merchandise now available for Pre-Order
Warframe Partners with iam8bit!
Posted On 2017-04-04 10:00:00
Exclusive Merchandise now available for Pre-Order


We’ve partnered with the brilliant minds at iam8bit to bring you original and exclusive Warframe merchandise that is now available for pre-order. We’ll also have this merchandise stocked for Sale at TennoCon along with some extra exclusive items!

Items from this collaboration include:

Warframe 2xLP:
Beautifully composed, remastered scores for Warframe and The Second Dream are coming to vinyl in a limited edition double LP collection. Also, receive a free digital download of the complete soundtrack when you purchase the 2xLP Vinyl.

Warframe Miniature Art Prints:
A set of miniature art prints by Patricio Betteo, one for each Warframe. These will only be available for 31 days, and printed, signed, and numbered to fulfill the number of orders received. Purchasable in blind bags of 5 or as a complete set with 3 bonus prints, these are sure to be sought-after collectors’ items in the future! Don’t miss out!

Warframe Pins:
Glyph your real-life gear with the Warframe-inspired enamel pin collection

Head to the iam8bit store to check out the original and exclusive Warframe collections.

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