Ember Starter Pack Live Now
Ignite your Warframe journey with Ember Starter Pack
Posted On 2022-10-31 13:00:00
Ember Starter Pack Live Now

Starting November 2 you’ll have a new way to Boost your Arsenal instantly. The previous Initiate Pack will be removed and replaced with the all-new Ember Starter Pack, including a Warframe, Platinum, Customizations and many more powerful items.

We're trying something a little different with the Ember Starter Pack. The Ember Starter Pack is available for Platinum on Consoles and cash on PC (with the added value of 200 Platinum included in the PC Pack in light of the differences between the platforms).

Light the Origin System aflame with Ember's Abilities and Essential Heat Damage Mods.

The Ember Starter Pack features:

Ember Warframe
Ember Phoenix Helmet
Essential Heat Damage Mod Bundle
200 Platinum (PC Only)

Ignite your Warframe journey with the Ember Starter Pack and burn away the opposition today!