Echoes of Veilbreaker
Play new Break Narmer Missions today!
Posted On 2022-11-02 11:32:00
Echoes of Veilbreaker

Kahl-175 mission to fight back against Narmer continues! Take up arms in new Break Narmer Challenges, and trade Stock for new Offerings like the Skaut Landing Craft and Archon Shard Ephemeras.

 Echoes of Veilbreaker

Return of Ven’Kra Tel and Sprag

Ven’kra Tel and Sprag await you in Break Narmer Missions, Tenno! Be ready to take on these reimagined bosses as they attempt to stop Kahl. If finding and defeating them in the ‘Prison Break’ and ‘Junk Run’ Missions isn’t enough, you can find their Weapon Skins in the in-game Market.

Flatten your Enemies with the Renok Hammer Skin and take vicious, clean and precise shots with the Avex Sniper Skin.

Kahl’s Garrison Offerings

New offerings await in Chipper’s shop at Kahl’s Garrison. Make sure to trade the Stock you earn for completing Break Narmer Missions for new gear like the Skaut Landing Craft and new Archon Shard Ephemeras.

New Landing Craft: Skaut

A Grineer Bolkor remodeled for Tenno reinforcement. Skaut’s Air Support ‘Kahl Beacon’ calls Kahl and his Grineer brothers (or Corpus allies) for backup. When backup is active, subsequent uses replenishes your squad’s health. Each squad member can call one additional Grineer brother to join the fight.

The Skaut can be purchased via in-game Market if you have completed the Veilbreaker quest, or its Blueprints can be found in Chipper’s offerings in Kahl’s Garrison for Stock.

Archon Shard Ephemeras

Shard Hex Ephemera
Expose the power that courses through you. This Ephemera dynamically updates with your Warframe’s installed Archon Shards.

Shard Bane Ephemera
Express the Archon’s fury. This Ephemera dynamically updates with your Warframe’s installed Archon Shards.

Ostron Dojo Rooms

Over 140 new Decorations have been added to give your Dojo the Cetus and Plains of Eidolon treatment, along with a brand new Dojo room option: Ostron Cove.

Add this secluded cove from somewhere on the Plains of Eidolon to your Dojo and take full advantage of the new Ostron scenery!

 Echoes of Veilbreaker

Ember Starter Pack

Boost your Arsenal instantly and ignite your Warframe journey with the new Ember Starter Pack! Master Ember’s scorching Abilities to burn away any opposition and slice all that remains with the Nikana.

Ember Starter Pack features:

Ember Phoenix Helmet
Essential Heat Damage Mod Bundle
200 Platinum (PC Only)

Get ready to bring the fight to Narmer with Kahl when Echoes of Veilbreaker drops on all platforms November 2!