Echoes of Duviri
Jackal is back, plus Wisp Prime, QOL changes and more!
Posted On 2023-07-27 11:51:00
Echoes of Duviri

Jump back into the mind-bending open world of Duviri for an ancillary update featuring new QOL changes plus an iconic boss battle deep within the subterranean confines of the Undercroft!


No longer limited by the industrial walls of a Corpus laboratory, the Jackal can now be found roaming the eerie sub-realm beneath Duviri: the Undercroft. Take on this famous Warframe boss in a new Assassination game mode!

Please note: this version of the Jackal fight has been modified from its original form on Venus. You’ll need to battle the Jackal through three phases (instead of four), and will have to deal with reinforcements between each phase.


Two new tiles have been added to the Undercroft: the large, open spaces of the Fractal Pastures as well as the calming Amphitheatre. All five existing game modes can be experienced through both of these exciting new areas with the Jackal appearing exclusively on Fractal Pastures to wreak havoc.


Now entering Prime Access: the interdimensional enchantress, Wisp Prime.

Instantly acquire the latest Prime Warframe along with her signature Prime Weapons, Fulmin Prime and Gunsen Prime, plus new Prime Accessories, Resource and Affinity Boosters and more.

 Echoes of Duviri


Argo & Vel bolster the warrior who stands fast. Gain instant access to this powerful Melee weaponry (for use with both Drifter and Warframe) with Platinum, available from either Teshin’s Cave or the in-game Market. Alternatively, you can unlock each weapon with Pathos Clamps for Drifter use and then gain its Blueprint to craft in your Foundry for use with your preferred Warframe.

 Echoes of Duviri


Available through the Void Trader, Baro Ki'Teer, this diligent drone is sure to keep your home and/or Orbiter spotless — whether you’re a commoner or a king!


You can now earn new Incarnon Geneses via the Circuit Steel Path! Once acquired, these can be installed into their applicable weapons by visiting Cavalero aboard the Zariman.

Boar (base and Prime)
Awaken this weapon’s ability to fire three short-range beams that chain link enemies in Incarnon Form.

Gammacor (base and Synoid)
Awaken this weapon’s ability to fire projectiles that pull enemies into a Cold Damage explosion in Incarnon Form.

Angstrum (base and Prisma)
Awaken this weapon’s ability to launch target-seeking fireballs that ricochet toward enemies in Incarnon Form.

Gorgon (base, Wraith, and Prisma)
Awaken this weapon’s ability to fire embedding projectiles that explode with Heat Damage in Incarnon Form.

Awaken this weapon’s ability to increase Range and Slash Damage during slide attacks in Incarnon Form.


New Decrees have been added to the randomized pool of options upon completing Duviri Spiral stages and side objectives!

Stable Stance
Gains 25% resistance to knockdown for each enemy within 20m.

Swooping Miasma
Gain +3 jumps. Jumping slide kicks cause 300 Viral Damage and status in an area around hit enemies.

Kexat’s Pounce
Jump higher. Gain +180% damage while airborne. Effect wears off 2s after landing.

Baneful Harmony
Inflicting Cold or Toxin status effects also inflicts Viral status.

Consuming Rage (Spiteful)
Heavy Attacks and Power Strikes consume 10% of Energy or Transference Bar, but gain +300% damage.


Acquire new Warframe Augment Mods through Syndicate Offerings:

Temporal Erosion (Protea - Temporal Anchor)
While Temporal Anchor is active, each strike of Grenade Fan and Blaze Artillery strips 10% Armor from enemies.

Shadow Haze (Sevagoth - Reap)
Increase Critical Chance by 50% on enemies inflicted with Death Harvest. A new Shadow emerges from those enemies when they perish. Limit of 3 Shadows.

Ulfrun’s Endurance (Voruna - Ulfrun’s Descent)
During Ulfrun’s attack, enemies that die from Bleed within 20m restores Voruna’s charges.

Intrepid Stand (Styanax - Final Stand)
Each javelin that hits an enemy grants 60 Overguard to Styanax and 30 Overguard to his allies within Affinity Range.


First announced in the recent Dev Workshop, changes have been made to the following systems:

- Enhanced Damage Numbers
- Overguard for Warframes
- Cold, Impact, and Puncture Status

Check out the video below for a quick explanation of the changes to Damage Numbers, courtesy of Lead Designer Pablo Alonso:

As always, be sure to check out our patch notes for full details on the changes and additions listed above.

Good luck on your latest foray into Duviri, Tenno!