Devstream #176 Overview
Next Warframe and more in Dante Unbound
Posted On 2024-01-29 14:27:00
Devstream #176 Overview

Welcome to our first Devstream of the new year! Join us for a look at what is to come in early 2024, including our next Warframe update: Dante Unbound! Get a first look at Dante (our newest Warframe), two new Incarnon weapons, a bevy of Quality of Life improvements, and more.

You can catch the full stream on our YouTube, or read up on the highlights in our overview below:


- Gift of the Lotus Alerts are live for 24 hours after the stream — don’t miss your chance at a Pistol Riven and an Orokin Reactor Blueprint!
- The music from our Gauss Prime Access Trailer — "Gauss: Redline" — has been officially released on YouTube and various streaming services.
- Star Days returns on February 1st, and is coming with its own Valentenno Community Contest!
- We launched a series of Warframe-themed HyperX keycaps. Get yours here!
- TennoGen now officially supports Qorvex and Dagath submissions, as well as the Entrati Faction!
- Cross Platform Save is still currently open (at the time of writing), and we have over 300,000 Links!
- Shoutout to our partners from Nitro who helped us with our iOS Warframe build, which you may hear more about later in February! Here’s a picture of the lovely crew:

 Devstream #176 Overview

Dante Unbound – Coming in March!

 Devstream #176 Overview

Our “Echoes”-style update for Whispers in Walls is coming in March this year, but has a lot more to promise! In this new update, named Dante Unbound, players can expect the following content:
- Dante, the next Warframe
- Styanax Deluxe Skin
- 2 New Incarnon Weapons: Ruvox and Onos
- New Disruption Variant for Albrecht’s Laboratories
- New Tiles for Albrecht’s Laboratories
- Augments
- And much much more!

Next Warframe: Dante

 Devstream #176 Overview

Dante, they called him. The Orokin Scribe. Our next Warframe comes with his own Exalted Tome weapon (the Noctua), and is themed around storytelling — weave a tale with your Abilities and cast it through his Ultimate.

We’ll go into more detail on his kit in our next Devstream, but the team did confirm that the pages you “write” through your two most recently cast abilities will affect his Ultimate.

Dante comes with his own custom floating moveset and script-like casting FX to help him leave his mark on the world:

The concept above highlights his default appearance and Exalted Tome, but here’s a look at his Alternate Helmet as well:

 Devstream #176 Overview

New Incarnon Weapons - Onos and Ruvox


Dante is also coming with his own Signature Incarnon Fist weapon — because sometimes words just aren’t enough. This Entrati-themed set of fists evolve into deadly Claws in its Incarnon form.

 Devstream #176 Overview

Incarnon Form

 Devstream #176 Overview


The Onos is an Entrati Hand Cannon that evolves into an Arm Cannon in its Incarnon Form!

 Devstream #176 Overview

Other Content - Styanax Deluxe & More

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the other content promised for this update!

- 8 New Somachord Tones featuring music from Prime Trailers and the Granum Void Tileset.
- 10 New Augments, including some for Nidus, Yareli, and Loki! Be sure to tune in to our NEXT Devstream for more info!
- Styanax Deluxe, concepted by the lovely Liger Inuzuka!

 Devstream #176 Overview

Quality of Life Changes and Other Improvements

 Devstream #176 Overview

In addition to new content, we have a bevy of Quality of Life changes planned for Dante Unbound, including:

- Inaros Rework
- Archon Shard Expansion: Ascent Fusion
- Fortuna Syndicate Economy Rebalance
- Stat Audit for the Arsenal
- More Variety in Systemic Content
- Duviri QOL
- And more!

Inaros Rework

One of the Rework requests that Pablo sees the most, this rework is also a little different. Inaros himself sees a considerable amount of usage, but several of his Abilities do not — with most players just armoring up and using Weapons while skipping the rest of his kit. So the outcome of his rework will not be an obvious boost in stats, like what was seen with Hydroid, but rather added value to players using his kit.

Expect more details in February’s Devstream!

Archon Shard: Ascent Fusion

Whispers in the Walls saw an expansion of the Archon Shard system, and Dante Unbound expands upon it further. Players will be able to fuse 4 Standard Archon Shards into a Tauforged Variant with the new Ascent Fusion system.

 Devstream #176 Overview

Fortuna Syndicate Economy Rebalance

This change touches on the overall costs to increase in Rank in Fortuna Syndicates, namely Solaris United and Vox Solaris. We have audited the rank-up sacrifice costs and will be reducing them across the board.

Fingers crossed, this may be able to sneak out early. Either way, we do have Alerts planned to help offset the costs for those who have already invested in this system, or are hoping to soon.

Mirage Eclipse Inconsistency - Feedback Request

Mirage (or Helminth Eclipse) players are incentivized to pay close attention to map lighting — and may sometimes pull their hair out with how inconsistent it can be for Eclipse usage. In fact, we’ve provided a handy example of this in action below:

This broken state of Eclipse is not ideal, and we are looking to solve it in one of two ways:

1. Fix it properly to keep the lighting mechanic, which would require a lot of work
2. Change its mechanics, while keeping in mind that the Helminth variant may need to be nerfed for balance.

Before we take any of these steps, we want to hear from the community and have an official forum post for you to share your feedback:

Sticky Corners No More

Picture this, you’re running through a Grineer camp on Earth and you brush past a supply crate. Do you a) pass by smoothly, or b) get awkwardly stuck on the corner and have to jump through it to continue momentum?

If you answered b), you have played Warframe at some point in the past ten years! If you answered a), you may be from the future…

But with Dante Unbound, our physics programmers have worked magic (and/or used an inordinate amount of grease): Warframe’s corners are sticky no more! Here’s a look at their wizardry in action:

Arsenal Stat Naming

If you look at your Upgrade Screen, there may be Stats that you don’t quite understand the meaning of. We’re doing a review of the stats listed and are working to improve their legibility to players.

More Variety in Systemic Content

Steel Path and Axi Void Fissure mission enjoyers can look forward to this content being available in new regions, including the Zariman Ten Zero and Albrecht’s Laboratories tilesets!

Duviri QOL Push

For those who wander into Duviri or venture into the Undercroft, you can look forward to the following improvements:
- Jackal Balance Pass
- Circuit Progress Saving between Stages, meaning your Circuit Progress and Resources will be preserved even upon failure.

Kubrow Fur Upgrade

Our furry friends are getting better fur! Prepare yourself for the ultimate in floofiness:

GI Lighting - Orbiter

We’re expanding our new GI Lighting tech to one of the most-used places in Warframe: your Orbiter! Pour one out for the old lightmaps, they served us well. O7

Other Tidbits

- We’re aware of Netracell loot feedback, and have plans on a new Activity for Netracells that offers a guaranteed Legendary Arcane upon completion. Pablo was quite vague about this system, so look out for more concrete details on its implementation.
- Finisher types are inconsistent across enemy types, and we’re working to standardize this!
- Memory savings are coming, as a benefit from our iOS development. This optimization will allow for loading speed improvements, especially for Hubs streaming to Open Zones on lower-spec machines.

Albrecht’s Labs Expansion - New Tiles + Disruption Variant

For those who have ventured into Albrecht’s Laboratories after completing The Whispers in the Walls Quest, you can look forward to 12 new Tiles and a new Disruption Mode variant.

Here’s a look at one of the Tiles as a Work-In-Progress, with some commentary from our Sound Team:

New Enemy Type: Gruzzling

While exploring the new Tiles available, you may also come across a new enemy type: the Gruzzling. This cheeky foe has one thing in mind: your loot, and boy does he want to steal it.

Showing Affection to Cavia

Arguably this addition should be at the top of this overview, but we’ve included it near the bottom to avoid spoilers. If you want to avoid spoiling anything from the Whispers in the Walls Quest, CTRL+F to “Soulframe” to skip past this!

We’re good? Okay then!

Players will be able to show much needed affection to Cavia Syndicate members in the Sanctum Anatomica.

Here’s Tagfer’s:


Bird 3’s:

Just, heartwarming. <3


There’s not much to share for Soulframe, but there is also so much to share for Soulframe. Our Preludes build is currently live for a small number of Envoys, but we wanted to showcase some of the other incredible work in progress being done by the team.

For those interested in receiving an invitation to Soulframe Preludes, please ensure you have signed up on and have reserved your Envoy Title. Invitations will continue to be sent in chronological order via email as we test and make the game!

Below is a bunch of amazing work in progress screenshots, with some highlights from team commentary that we feel are relevant to include.

But first and most importantly, an update on Orengall: you can give them belly scritches.

Beaver! (he does not talk):
 Devstream #176 Overview

Bromius, our next Omen Beast (“he is vibing”):
 Devstream #176 Overview

New faction “The Mockeries,” who only come out at night:
 Devstream #176 Overview

Concept Exploration for the Family Tree in the Nightfold:
 Devstream #176 Overview

Crafting Mock-up Screen:
 Devstream #176 Overview

New Enemy:
 Devstream #176 Overview

A Sprout Farmer (Avakot’s uncle???):
 Devstream #176 Overview

Lots of very cool weapons (animations created with the help of resistance bands generously donated by Rebecca Ford):
 Devstream #176 Overview

 Devstream #176 Overview

 Devstream #176 Overview

 Devstream #176 Overview

New Materials:
 Devstream #176 Overview