Devstream #175 Overview
Whispers in the Walls, Cross-Save, Gauss Prime, and more!
Posted On 2023-11-24 21:12:00
Devstream #175 Overview

Our final Devstream of 2023 is already upon us, and in it we discussed our plans for the rest of the year -- whatever little remains of it! Read on for news about our next major update, Whispers in the Walls, as well as Cross Platform Save, and so much more!


- Gift of the Lotus Alerts are live for 24 hours after the stream -- don’t miss your chance at a Melee Riven and a Veiled Riven Cipher!

- Tennobaum is coming at the start of December, as well as a fun Snowday Showdown Conclave event.

- Heirloom Packs are retiring on December 31 this year. Should we plan to introduce more Heirloom packs, we’ll be approaching them in a different way following community feedback.

Nora’s Mix Vol. 5

Our next Nightwave series is arriving on November 29th, featuring a Fire and Ice theme.

Get a fire-y Syandana

 Devstream #175 Overview

Or an icy Armor Set!

 Devstream #175 Overview

And other items as well:

- Kubrow Harka Armor

- Frost Harka Noggle

- Vermillion Kavat Armor

Warframe at The Game Awards

See you on December 7th at The Game Awards, where we’ll show you the full Whispers in the Walls trailer and reveal our release date. Watch The Game Awards to earn your own Sevagoth Warframe as a Twitch Drop! More details to come as we get closer to the show.

Whispers in the Walls - Coming December 2023

Our next major update is on the horizon, Tenno! There is quite a bit to cover in this section, so let’s break it down by categories:

Note: We are launching Cross Platform Save with this update, but we are covering that in its own section further down.

1 - Before the Quest

2 - Whispers in the Walls (Quest)

3 - New Warframes, Weapons, and Systems

4 - New Game Modes + Clan Operation

5 - New Cosmetics & Other Tidbits!

Before the Quest


Players must complete all of the current Quests in our Main Story Quests before they can access Whispers in the Walls (the prerequisites being Heart of Deimos and The New War). That’s a lot of (incredible) story to experience, but there are some hurdles that can make it harder for players to progress through it quickly.

In Devstream 174, we discussed offering a “Story Skip” option for players to by-pass the Quests entirely. After gathering community feedback, we are not moving forward with a “Story Skip” system. Instead, we have focused our efforts on improving the Main Story Quest Line. This has manifested in a few ways:

- Firstly, we are removing the Mastery Rank requirement from Quests to eliminate the Rank-up time-gate that these created. (i.e. players would have to wait 5 full real-life days to reach Mastery Rank 5 for The War Within).

- We are revisiting the Quests in our Main Quest Line to remove some unnecessary ones, and add others that help guide players towards The New War.

Whispers in the Walls - Quest


Don’t worry -- we’re not spoiling the Quest here! Players will be continuing the story where we left off in our TennoCon demo earlier this year. Throughout the Quest you’ll be introduced to a new Hub and a new set of characters in our latest Syndicate -- named Cavia!

With the Whispers in the Walls Quest, we will be introducing you to two new tilesets: Albrecht’s very own Laboratories, and the tileset influenced by the Man in the Wall.



As players explore the procedurally generated tiles within Albrecht’s Lab, they’ll discover that there is in fact more than once Vessel:

Of course, as you battle through these new tiles, you’ll also come face-to-”face” with new foes: bizarre Necramech enemies, and a new faction called the Murmur.


 Devstream #175 Overview

New Warframes, Weapons, and Systems

Once you have completed the Quest, you’ll have access to these tilesets and more. But more importantly, you’ll earn Quest rewards:

New Secondary Weapon: Grimoire

 Devstream #175 Overview

Firstly, you’ll have your very own Grimoire, the first of our new Secondary Weapon Type: Tomes!

These will come with their own Tome-specific Mods to give them some extra flavour.

Speaking of extra flavour, we also have a few Grimoire Skins in the works, coming with Whispers in the Walls.



Tennokai and Melee Expansion

Secondly, you’ll get access to a new Arsenal extension that upgrades your Melee weapons. Primary and Secondary Weapons have enjoyed the use of Exilus Adapters and Arcanes for years now -- it’s time that Melee Weapons get the same treatment!

Approximately 9 Melee Arcanes are being worked on and will be coming with this update.

With this upgrade, players will also be able to make use of a new Heavy Attack Technique: Tennokai!

Tennokai is enabled by new Tennokai Mods, which can be equipped in your Melee’s Exilus Slot (or regular Mod Slots). With these equipped, you unlock the ability to trigger Tennokai Heavy attacks. If you successfully Heavy Attack when the Tennokai symbol is active on your reticle, your attack will not consume any combo counter and will have a faster wind-up. There are a variety of Tennokai Mods available with Whispers in the Walls that will allow you to customize your Tennokai technique, so keep an eye out for them, Tenno!

New Warframe: Qorvex

Our 55th Warframe is coming with this update: Qorvex! A brutalist Warframe with a radioactive core, Qorvex will set the battlefield aglow. His blueprints will be acquired from a Vendor in the new Cavia Syndicate.

Passive: all weapon attacks by Qorvex come with bonus Radiation damage.

Ability 1: Places a radioactive pillar that causes an area of effect. Enemies within its radius are slowed and receive pulses of radiation damage. This Ability reacts to Qorvex’s other powers when hit by them, increasing the speed of the radioactive pulses.

Ability 2: Casts 2 large walls that crash together.

Ability 3: Gives his team status immunity while there are stacks active. Increase the number of stacks available through kills and assists done with radiation damage.

Ability 4: Unleash a beam of radioactive damage. Enemies inflicted with a Radiation Status effect will explode and cause a chain reaction.

Other New Weapons

Mandonel - Archgun

This is Qorvex’s signature Archgun! It features both a buckshot of radioactive damage, or a held beam that leaves a lingering radioactive zone (not currently hooked up in the clip below).

Ekhein - Hammer

A weapon featured in the Whispers in the Walls Quest!

New System: Archon Shards - Coalescent Fusion

A new character in the Cavia Syndicate will allow players the opportunity to fuse extra Archon Shards into new Shard Variants! Time to brush off that color wheel, Tenno -- we’re introducing Violet, Topaz, and Emerald shards for you to use!

These Shards will offer both Stat benefits, but also feature some weird Procs to keep things interesting.

New System: Arcane Dissolution

Via a new character in the Cavia Syndicate, players will be able to Dissolve their Arcanes into a new resource and exchange it for a variety of different Arcane Packs. Consider this a blend of Mod Transmutation and Relic Packs: the goal is to allow players to take extra Arcanes and break them down for a chance at an Arcane they want. Given the wide amount of Arcanes available, instead of rolling against the entire pool of Arcanes, players can pick the theme of Arcane they are investing in by selecting a themed pack: Plains of Eidolon, Fortuna, etc.

The goal of this is to give players an alternative way to earn Arcanes, while maintaining the integrity of its acquisition method. To be specific, the chance of earning a specific Arcane will mirror its rarity in-mission -- Pablo mentioned Arcane Energize as an example. We’ll go over this in more detail in our patch notes.

New Game Modes + Clan Operation

 Devstream #175 Overview

Whispers in the Walls is introducing three new game modes, available to those who complete the Quest!


Use a new device called a Crucible to Fuse together basic elements to create ‘complex elemental forces’ all while keeping the Murmur away. This is an endless mission type.


Inspired by Orokin Vaults, players must equip Keyglyphs at the start of this mission, each offering their own debuff. Share the load as a Squad or bear the burden yourself as a solo player as you search the vault for a Netracell.

These are equipped in-mission instead of requiring players to coordinate ahead of time!


What more can we add to Megan’s description in the asset above? “Juice the Murmur eye and find The Fragmented One”. This Assassination mission requires a bit of work before you can fight your target -- get those juicers ready, Tenno!

Clan Operation - Gargoyle's Cry

Our latest Clan Operation will be launching a few days after the Whispers in the Walls releases. We won’t spoil too much now, but we’ll go over some key details:

- Players must complete the Whispers in the Walls Quest to participate

- You are required to place a Gargoyle Decoration in your Dojo to participate -- make sure someone in your Clan has completed the Quest and has Decorating permissions!

- There are no leaderboards

- Players will take on The Fragmented One in Assassination missions, but with different variants!

Participating in this Operation will contribute to a Global Goal of unlocking a new Signa:

New Cosmetics and QOL Changes


In addition to the cosmetics listed above, players can look forward to:

- The Sevagoth Deluxe Collection

- Kalymos Kavat Fur Pattern

- New Captura Scenes!

Archgun Deployer Buff

Heavy Gun enjoyers rejoice -- your Archgun Deployer is being buffed in two ways!

Firstly, using your Archgun Deployer will now give you 2000 Overguard to offset the lowered mobility caused by using Heavy Guns.

Secondly, almost all Archguns are having their Heavy Gun stats buffed to make them feel like heavy hitters (pun absolutely intended). Look for all the details in our patch notes.

Enemy Voidrig Difficulty Changes

Some of this already made it to the public build, but enemy Voidrig Necramechs will no longer require you to destroy their Arms before taking damage to their Bodies. This should make fighting them in Isolation Vaults much easier!

Bonewidow has not received this change for Whispers in the Walls, but players can look for it hopefully in 2024.

Cross Platform Save

 Devstream #175 Overview

It’s finally happening! We have an answer to “Cross Save When?”

Expect a full roll-out of our Cross Platform Save system in December 2023 with the Whispers in the Walls release. We will be giving access via a “Drip-Gate” system -- ie. we’ll be offering Cross Platform Save in segments to groups of players to help us manage our Server loads, starting of course with our Founders.

Players will have two options to access Cross Platform save on their accounts: Merging and Linking

We’ll go over this briefly here, but please refer to our official page for full details.

Merging Accounts

Accounts created before November 24th at 2pm ET will be eligible for Account Merges, which will be available for a limited time. Merging your account is a permanent One-Time method of combining your accounts into one Cross Platform Save Account, available only to accounts made before November 24 at 2 p.m. ET. You will select one account to act as the Primary Account, carrying forward its Quest and Mission progress. All Secondary Accounts will merge their Items, Customizations, Resources and Currencies into the Primary account.

Linking Accounts

Players will also be able to “Link” their accounts -- instead of merging all of their accounts into one, they will be able to set one account as their Primary account, and use the linked accounts to log into that Primary Account across platforms.

For example, a player may mark their PC profile as the primary account and link it to their PlayStation profile. The PC progress will override the existing PlayStation account, and you will no longer be able to access the original PlayStation account. This option is recommended if you do not have any history playing Warframe on the new platform.


Cross Platform trading is available between players who have Cross Platform Play and Cross Platform Save enabled.


TennoGen purchases before November 24th at 2pm ET will be eligible for complete Cross Platform Save. Purchases after this date will be platform restricted depending on the point of purchase:

- PC TennoGen is limited to PC

- Consoles can cross platform save TennoGen to other console platforms

- Pop-Up Messages are live on all platforms for TennoGen purchases to make sure players are aware of these new restrictions!

There are a variety of factors behind this decision, which we go into further detail on in our forum post here.

Gauss Prime - Coming January 2024

 Devstream #175 Overview

Gauss Prime is starting us off right in the new year!

He’ll be be coming with:

- Acceltra Prime

- Akarius Prime

- Altra Prime Syandana

- Doppline Prime Armor

- Alternate Prime Helmet

- Gauss Prime Noggle

- Gauss Prime Floof!!

Here’s what his redline looks like:

iOS and Android Builds

You read that right -- ANDROID! We are confirmed working on an Android Build for Warframe. Interested Tenno can sign up for updates at!

iOS Beta

Our iOS Beta is sunsetting on Nov 30 so we can focus on full release in 2024. Thank you to everyone who participated -- we cannot wait to get the final version in your hands next year!


Our pre-pre-pre Alpha is launching for a small number of players in December! Reserve your Envoy name now for a chance to play:

In preparation for this, we have introduced our most important feature yet: the ability to pet the dog. :3