Devstream 173 Overview
Everything Abyss of Dagath! Hydroid, Dagath, Companions, Soulframe and more.
Posted On 2023-09-28 20:19:00
Devstream 173 Overview

It’s Devstream 173! As we enter the spooky season of Halloween horror, we’re treating those who need the polish and scaring 1 or 2 along the way. Join Megan, Rebecca (she loves Limbo, the Warframe, so much that she broke her wrist doing the Limbo), Pablo, Steve and Geoff in filling up your pillowcase full of candy like the Hydroid rework, the Dagath feature, and all sorts of QoL goodies (no toothbrushes here).


- Gift of the Lotus alerts are live for 24 hours after the Devstream! Boot up the alert and get yourself both a Melee Riven and a Riven Cipher while the opportunity presents itself.
- The Gotva Prime will be entering Baro Ki’Teer’s inventory at a later date.
- The Dex Drifter and Operator Suit will be a login reward until December 31 at 11:59 p.m. ET.
Digital Extremes and Kings Coast Coffee have collaborated to celebrate Warfame’s 10-year Anniversary with the LOTUS BLEND, purchasable here.

Devstream 173 Overview

Heirloom Packs: The Future and Changes of

Speaking from the heart, we wish we handled the situation better - we missed the mark. However, if we continue with the Heirloom feedback next year, we’ll make radical changes based on Community feedback and reflect on the situation as a whole for future iterations!

Quest to Conquer Cancer: October 2

 Devstream 173 Overview

The Quest to Conquer Cancer campaign returns October 2! Look forward to amazing new charity merch and a month of shenanigans as we raise money for the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation in Toronto.

There are a variety of incentives for this charity campaign, including the final piece of the Conquera Collection: the Conquera Leg Armor!

Community donations will contribute to unlocking new UI themes, as well!

TwitchCon & TennoVIP 2023

 Devstream 173 Overview

The Community Team is headed to Vegas for TwitchCon, and we’re hosting TennoVIP 2023 to celebrate! If you’re in the area, join us for our free Abyss of Dagath-themed party happening on Saturday, October 21, at the Paris Hotel.

RSVP your tickets now with an Eventbrite ticket!

Update 34: Abyss of Dagath - Coming October 18th

New Warframe: Dagath

 Devstream 173 Overview

Introduced during TennoCon 2023, Dagath strides into view to curse thee. Never underestimate the power and wrath of sullen sadness. Dagath’s malice deals high damage.

Passive: Abundant Abyss

Dagath feeds from the soul of the deceased. She has a low chance to make Energy or Health orbs she picks up 3x as effective

First Ability: Wyrd Scythes

Dagath creates spectral sickles that rotate and expand around her, doing Viral Damage on enemies it hits and slows them. If a spectral sickle hits an enemy affected by Phantom Wrath, it refreshes the curse duration and applies the curse to nearby enemies.

Second Ability: Doom

Conjures a spectral energy from her faceless head that rapidly expands in a cone, inflicting low damage and cursing the enemies with Phantom Wrath. Phantom Wrath curse can stack with multiple casts of Doom, and will do multiple damage instances while active — as indicated by the sickle icon above your enemy’s head.

Third Ability: Grave Spirit

Dagath gains increased Critical Damage on all her weapons and gains protection from the spectral realm. When she receives a fatal blow, she will immediately go into her spectral form and will evade all incoming attacks for a short duration. Once exiting her Spectral Form, Grave Spirit will enter a cooldown before it can be cast again.

Fourth Ability: Rakhali’s Cavalry

Summon five spectral horses that travel forward at a high pace and ram on the enemies, inflicting massive Viral damage. If Phantom Wrath is active, horses strip the target’s defenses on each damage instance.

DOJO ROOM: Dagath’s Hallow

Dagath’s Hallow is a new Dojo Room that holds the Shrine of Dagath that allows you to acquire Dagath’s Blueprints (and Dorrclave’s Blueprints). It will also allow you to customize your Kaithe outside the Duviri setting!

Syndicate Gameplay

- The 6 core Syndicates offer "Abyssal Beacons" for purchase. These act as keys for special missions that let players acquire the new Dagath Resource: Vainthorns.
- These Beacons act like Treasure Maps to a haunted ship, where Tenno will play through an exterminate-like mission with a few twists!
- The node only shows up if you have a key. For those who played during Void Keys, this may be a familiar mechanic to you!
- Dagath’s Blueprints can be acquired via the Dagath’s Hallow Dojo Room in exchange for these new Vainthorns.

Dagath’s Signature Items

Dorrclave - Signature Blade & Whip

After 20 kills or assists, Dorrclave enters a spectral state that doubles weapon Follow Through and guarantees Status Effects for the next 20 attacks. In Dagath's hands, each active Status Effect heals her slightly.

Similar to Dagath, components for this weapon can be acquired via the new Dojo Room!

Dagath Ganceann Helmet

Glory in the ghoulish splendor of a pierced skull.

Dagath-themed Kaithe Cosmetics

- Aumen Chamfron
- Aumen Saddle
- Aumen Tail

Voidshell Skins

Voidshell skins for Protea, Mirage and Nidus are arriving in this update!

Companion Rework

We’re taking our first big swing at reworking the Companion System. This is just part one!

 Devstream 173 Overview

High-level objectives

1. Make pets viable in higher level content — permadeath is gone for companions.
2. Develop interactive Mods that offer ways to play rather than being purely autonomous.
3. Change up existing Mods to better mesh with objectives 1 and 2 — some Mods have inconsistent naming, awkward stats or otherwise need a rehaul with the reworked system. This includes rebalancing Mods players felt were weak or ones considered far too essential

Implementation Overview

We’ll save the details for the Dev Workshop, but here is an overview of how we’re approaching our objectives:

 Devstream 173 Overview

- When they reach zero Health, Companions will instead become Incapacitated, a phase where the companion slowly self-revives themselves only, for a base duration of 60 seconds.
- Health, Shields, and Armor are being buffed with the goal of increasing overall survivability by around 50%.
- New Companion Mods are being added!

-And so much more.

There’s much more to unpack beyond Devstream 173 (and this overview) in our Companion Rework Workshop!

Hydroid Rework

 Devstream 173 Overview

New Passive

- When Hydroid damages an enemy with anything, future Corrosive Status Effects can be applied, with the first instance of Corrosive status removing 50% of their Armor, and scaling from that up until 100% Armor reduction at max stacks.

First Ability: Tempest Barrage

- Changed damage type from Impact to Corrosive.
- Tempest Barrage staggers instead of ragdolls (they’ll move a little bit, but not a lot).
- The Corroding Barrage Augment Mod has been renamed to Viral Tempest and will have a chance to apply a Viral Status Effect rather than Corrosive.

Second Ability: Tidal Surge

- Added the ability steering of the wave for more control over where Hydroid and his enemies end up when the ability is finished.
- Tidal Surge will now deposit enemies when the ability is finished, so you can group them more easily rather than fling them across the map.
- Changed damage type from Impact to Corrosive. Tidal Surge will apply Corrosive Status Effects to enemies based on how long they are carried by its waves.
- Tidal Surge will cleanse all of Hydroid’s negative Status Effects.
- This brings one of the stronger benefits from Undertow into Tidal Surge, allowing Hydroid to maintain those elements of survivability with Undertow’s removal.

Third Ability: Plunder Armor - replacing Undertow

- Enemies in view will have Corrosive Status Effects permanently remove their Armor, increasing Hydroid’s Armor and granting bonus Corrosive damage to weapons.
- This ability is stronger based on the number of Corrosive Status Effects applied to the enemies affected by Plunder Armor.
- This means with a full stack of Corrosive Status, their Armor will be removed permanently.
- The Curative Undertow Augment Mod is being renamed to Rousing Plunder and will cause Plunder Armor to heal Hydroid and his allies within Affinity Range.

Fourth Ability: Tentacle Swarm

Tentacle Swarm will hold enemies in a steadier position, making eliminating enemies easier.

For everything left unsaid on Devstream 173, the Hydroid Rework Workshop holds all of the juicy details you need.

New Player Experience

 Devstream 173 Overview

Flawed Mods, MK1 Weapons from Vor’s Prize

We’re removing Flawed Mods from Vor’s Prize, replacing them with the normal variants — already owned Flawed Mods will be auto-converted as well (excluding Ammo Drum as it was an April Fool’s prank!)

The MK1 guns earned in Vor’s Prize are no longer the MK1 variant, although the MK1 blueprints are still obtainable in the market.

As well, Enemy Radar is universal at 30m.

Early Game Inbox and Junction Adjustments

Vor’s Prize and Saya’s Vigil completion inboxes are updated to better guide players to where next.

The Venus Junction has also lost its “Collect 20 mods” and “Apply four mods to a Single Warframe or Weapon.” Meanwhile, the Mercury Junction added Incubator Power Core to the Junction rewards (moved from Mars’ Junction).

Quest Improvements


 Devstream 173 Overview

Challenges per page are reduced from 5 to 3 (so 15, instead of 25, to do!). With fewer challenges, the remaining challenges have been made simpler and easier. Hovering over a challenge will provide a “how-to” description as well.

The 6th page in the comic is now hidden until all 5 pages are done — it’s only lore, and we don’t want players thinking they have to do even more.

Vox Solaris

The overall difficulty of the Vox Solaris quest has been reduced — have no fear, newly awoken Tenno!


The MR requirement has been reduced from 3 to 2, and the Uranus Junction Challenge better describes how to start this quest. Also, you’ll only need to complete 5 Defense waves now, not 10.

Misc. Quests

- The Archwing: Odonata builds in 1 minute now, not 10.
- The Limbo Theorem: Reduced Limbo Blueprint craft times from 12 hours to 1 minute. Necessary Proof fragments for the Theorem Blueprints are reduced from 3 to 1.

Saya’s Vigil

Saya’s Vigil no longer requires MR 1.

Cetus Wisp and Necramech Acquisition Changes

- Cetus Wisps no longer disappear.
- Voidrig crafting costs will only take Cambion Drift resources.
- Damaged Necramech Components were added to Loid’s Store for purchase. Players can purchase Damaged Necramech Casings, Engines, Pods, and Weapon Pods from the Necraloid Syndicate at Rank 1 for 2,500 Standing each.

The overview catches the jist, but for a closer peek, read the New Player Experience Workshop.

Accessibility + HUD Improvements

 Devstream 173 Overview

Character Highlighting System

Players will be able to apply a Highlight on both enemies and allies, with a variety of customization options.

 Devstream 173 Overview
 Devstream 173 Overview


 Devstream 173 Overview
 Devstream 173 Overview

Animal Trail icons now use the Animal’s silhouette, and it’s color-coded. When hovering over the Trail Icon, the Animal's name will appear, and holding your Tranq Rifle now shows the Icons of the closest Trail Star Points.

Trail Start Points glow similarly to footprints when viewed through the Tranq scope, and the Follow Tracks footprint glow has been updated to improve visibility.

 Devstream 173 Overview
 Devstream 173 Overview

Locating and Tranquilizing is also easier; Ally Character highlights apply to Conservation targets, and a flashing paw icon will point you in the direction of the Animal when looking with the Tranq Rifle scope.


With Auto-Melee toggled, players can trigger swings through repeated melee inputs or hold the melee input to swing indefinitely.

As a caveat, throwable weapons like Glaives and the Wolf Sledge won’t work with auto-melee.

Buffs and Debuffs in the Pause Menu

By opening the Pause Menu, you’ll be able to see what each Buff and Debuff Icon means. We have over 900 buffs, and it can be difficult to remember what each icon does! Since there are so many, we’ll be releasing on-hover descriptions for these in batches with future updates.

New Weapon Trait Display in Upgrades

Weapons with specific traits or passives display this information in the Upgrade Arsenal screen of the respective weapon.

New Update History Screen

The Update History screen has been refreshed! It should provide more relevant information and links, respective to the new update, as opposed to a wall of text.

You guessed it! The full run-down is in the Accessibility + HUD Improvements Workshop!

System Changes and General Quality of Life

 Devstream 173 Overview

Focus Lens Conversion Buff

Focus Lenses will offer greater conversion rates, while all Convergence Orbs will offer a flat 5,000 Focus bonus to your equipped Focus School.

Revised Shield Gating & Shield Changes

We’re taking a new approach to Shield Gating to incentivize higher shields. The first big change is that Tenno Shields will now offer 50% (from 25%) resistance to all damage types.

The duration of your Shield Gate scales with the amount of Shields you had upon Shield Break.
- This window could be anywhere from 0.33 seconds (minimum duration) to 2.5 seconds (capped at 1150 Shields).
- Partially Depleted Shields do not have a separate Shield Gate Duration - will be treated like the above scaling.

 Devstream 173 Overview

With this in mind, a few Shield-specific Mods with Recharge rates have been buffed!

Values below are at max rank:
- Fast Deflection: added -45% Shield Recharge Delay
- Fortitude: increased the Shield Recharge value from +80% to +100%.
- Also increased Chance to Resist Knockdown from +20% to +40%.
- Vigilante Vigor: added -30% Shield Recharge Delay

A new Corrupted Mod is being released.! Catalyzing Shields is a mod that reduces Shields by 80% but changes scaling, so you get 1.33 seconds of Shield Gating on Max Shield Break regardless of your Shield Stats. Like other Corrupted Mods, this will be acquirable via Orokin Vaults on Deimos.

One week after Abyss of Dagath’s release, we’ll be running an Alert for Catalyzing Shield to allow players faster access to this Mod.

The Decaying Dragon Key now also caps Shield Gates to 0.33s maximum.

This is just a quick summary of our Shield changes; the System Changes and General Quality of Life Workshop has a comprehensive analysis of the reworked system, but there is more below to unravel.

Break Narmer Mission Improvements

General Kahl-ity of Life Changes:

Kahl will now have Loot Radar and an Enemy Radar, alongside an increase to his max speed and walking speed. He’ll also be able to pick up weapons from his fallen Brothers.

We’re also adding 5 Stock Pick-ups (2 per) to Break Narmer missions for you to hunt down!

Nightwave Changes

A complete Act Audit was conducted for the next series to rework, remove and add new challenges! We took 2 different approaches in our revisions:

a) to reduce the grind required to complete some Acts.
b) to expand the ways in which players can complete them!

3 Permanent Weekly Acts are being added, intended to be unlocked with regular Warframe gameplay.

 Devstream 173 Overview

Also, the first time you log in with a Nightwave Series available, a pop-up screen will appear highlighting various Series rewards, a brief description, and a button to visit the Nightwave menu!

Warframe Level-Up Stats (values below are at max rank)

 Devstream 173 Overview

Mods currently apply their multiplier to the base (as if they were Rank 0) stats, which come with large modifier values that don’t seem to match their outcome in-game.

 Devstream 173 Overview

In Abyss of Dagath, we want to remove this confusion by having Health, Shield, and Armor Mods apply to the stats of Warframes at their current rank.

 Devstream 173 Overview

Mods, such as, but not limited to, Vitality, Redirection, Steel Fiber and Flow, have received reductions to better scale with the status quo.

 Devstream 173 Overview

As noted, the end result is that your builds should stay mostly the same. The goal was to provide clarity as to what these Mods do in your upgrade screens!

This is a ton to take in. For the full math and stats of how the above Mod and Level-Up Stats rework operates (amongst other changes), here is a break to let you read the appropriate System Changes and General Quality of Life workshop.

Damage Attenuation Changes

Damage Attenuation is being reworked to allow for a wider range of builds to better confront fights regarding the Archons.

Previously, Maximum damage per Damage Instance was much lower, so with Abyss of Dagath, we’re bumping it up. Also, modifiers will apply before Damage Attentiation, so one-shot builds will be less effective.

Our goals are to increase player damage output, make “big hits” feel impactful, encourage overall build diversity and reduce one-shot builds.

Swap Incarnon Evolutions in the Arsenal

We’re adding the ability to swap around your Incarnon Evolutions in your Arsenal to reduce the friction for Incarnon testing and playing around with your builds.

Note: You will still need to visit Cavalero to unlock each Evolution, but once that’s done, you can swap to your heart’s delight from the comfort of your Orbiter.

Steel Path Circuit Riven Rewards

Adding Riven reward paths in Circuit Steel Path as Drifter Opportunity Intrinsic 9 unlocked.

That concludes the last of our workshops, so for everything above, from Focus Lenses to Damage Attenuation, you can fill yourself in with the System Changes and General Quality of Life Workshop.

Grendel Prime

The Gluttonous Gourmet is soon to roll into the game, and onto your enemies. Grendel Prime brings his Masseter Prime and Zylok Prime to the field to soften up his foes for a feast, alongside the Sumbha Prime Syandana and Oni Prime Ephemera

Cross Save Clans

 Devstream 173 Overview

Abyss of Dagath will have some behind-the-scenes code for the rollout of Cross Save!

The functionality of Clans in Cross Play

We’re adding Cross Play clans for the October update. Should you opt in, you can invite players from other platforms. It also shows your clan advertisements, if they’re posted, on other platforms so players can request to join!

Other behind-the-scenes code is being added with Dagath to help us move closer to Cross Save launch later this year.


We’re really grateful for the response at one of the first forays into us showing off Soulframe! We love to hear the responses, and we’re digesting and internalizing the critiques as best we can --- whether it’s awkward combat hit feedback or simply absorbing too much time at TennoLive.

The Soulframe Discord is now live, too, if you’d like to talk and hang out!

And for your listening pleasures, the Rivers of Dendria music video, where the Torment Stag boss was fought, is available now on the official Soulframe YouTube channel!

For (hopefully) December, we’ll be allowing small groups of people into a pre-alpha for Soulframe to help us build the game in a positive direction. It’ll start with the earliest pockets of Envoy’s and work our way up, and it will be multiplayer.

Nights of Naberus

From October 4, 11 a.m. ET to November 1st, 11 a.m. ET, Daughter returns with Warframe’s annual Night of Naberus event. Here’s a look at just some of the rewards that are coming:
- Gammacor Day of the Dead Skin II
- Gammacor Day of the Dead Skin
- 4 New Glyphs

 Devstream 173 Overview

“Bat” inspired cosmetics are also entering the Market!

- Awlspan Syandana
- Cavum Sentinel Mask

And last but not least, the Naberus Lotus — available forever for those who know where to find her.

Other Tidbits

- TennoTober returns! Join fellow community artists for daily drawing prompts:
- Console Generations are all moving to Deferred Rendering.
- 50 Mods got a description pass!
- All Finishers respond to the same events; no more distinction (finishers are more effective!)
- Barrels are getting a scaling buff in Abyss of Dagath to match their explosive potential. Yes -- they do friendly-fire damage, but heavily reduced.